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Chapter 1472: Chapter 1472 - Awaken

As he watched them walk away, Luo Heng couldn’t help but breathed a sigh of relief then walked up to Feng Jiu and patted her shoulder: “Well done you, you actually managed to make the Great Elder change his mind . I did as you told me and told him what you said earlier but he refused to listen to me and insisted on bringing Chen Dao back with him . ”

Feng Jiu smiled and looked at the two bottles of pills in her hands . She handed them to him and said: “Hold on to them! Let’s go inside to take a look at Senior Brother Chen . ”

When he watched as the figure disappeared inside, Luo Heng hurried after her .

On the surface, Third Sun Peak seemed calm and unwavering . However, following Shangguan Wanrong’s practice in retreat, the minds of Duan Mubai and the rest were not at ease . At the back of their minds, they felt that something was going to happen . However, although they were a generation of Senior Uncles at Third Sun Peak, they were not at liberty to question their Master about anything .

Therefore, as their hearts were filled with worry and doubts, they were unable to concentrate on practising .

On this day, the four of them had met up to drink tea under the tree outside the cave dwelling . After drinking a cup of tea, the alchemist who was ranked fourth out of all of them broke the silence and asked: “What do you think Master is up to? After our return, Junior Sister went to Master’s Ninth Peak once and retreated into her cave dwelling to practice . Although there hasn’t been much going on lately, I still feel uneasy in my heart . ”

“There’s nothing we can do about it anyway . We can only wait and watch . Right now nothing has happened yet so we can’t go breaking the rules either can we?” The second ranked alchemist said, sipping his tea .

“Oldest Senior Brother, what do you think?” Another alchemist asked Duan Mubai who had been silent this whole time .

“Just as Second Junior Brother has said, nothing has happened yet so there is nothing we can do . ”

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Duan Mubai replied and lowered his eyes . Even if they knew their Master’s intentions, he was afraid that there was nothing they could do to prevent what was going to happen . His only hope was that Junior Sister would be able to leave here safely . At least she would be able to avoid the fate of the Master killing his apprentice . However, this was only his conjecture, so how could he say anything?

The few of them drinking their tea in silence, with different thoughts running through their minds… .

After a few more days had passed, because Third Sun Peak seemed peaceful and calm, Feng Jiu was idle and had nothing to do . Therefore, on this day, she came to Chen Dao’s cave dwelling once again . Upon calculating the time that had passed since she had operated on Senior Brother Chen’s back, it had been half a month . Since it had been such a long time ago, she decided that it was time to wake Chen Dao up .

Luo Heng, who had been counting the days, was excited on this day because he couldn’t wait to see the progress of Chen Dao’s recovery and ask him to tell them the results .

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Therefore, on the fifteenth day, he was up early and pacing about outside the cave dwelling, waiting for Feng Jiu to arrive . When he saw Feng Jiu walking over leisurely, his eyes lit up and he waved his hands and shouted .

“Feng Jiu Feng Jiu, hurry up, don’t be so slow! I’ve been waiting for ages . ”

She smiled, and not long later, she came to his side: “What’s the hurry? Aren’t I here now?” She walked past him and went into the cave dwelling asking: “Has anyone been to bother Senior Brother Chen recently?”

“Tsk, you know that ever since he has become an invalid no one comes to visit him . Of course, we are the only two exceptions . ”

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“It’s better that no one has come anyway . ”

Feng Jiu replied and went to his bedside to examine him before she took out her silver needle: “Half a month’s time has passed and his bones have healed quite well too . Although he still won’t be able to get out of bed, his bones shouldn’t misalign so easily now . ”

As she spoke, she inserted the silver needle into Chen Dao’s forehead and twisted it . After a while, the person who had been asleep all this time opened his eyes slowly… .

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