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Published at 5th of November 2020 05:23:29 AM

Chapter 1471: Chapter 1471 - As Wished

Everyone knew how to be a bootlicker, however, a flatterer such as this youth was rarely seen . No one would fawn over someone they had met for the first time this much, he definitely had much thicker-skin than most people .

However, being able to be able to flatter someone so much, this kid was no doubt a different breed .

“Ahem . ”

The Great Elder coughed lightly, glanced at Feng Jiu and raised his hand to give a signal: “Enough, just speak your mind!” He wanted to see what tricks this kid was up to .

“I don’t have anything I want to say . I just wanted to express my endless admiration for Great Elder and… . ” She was interrupted before she could finish her sentence .

“That’s enough, I am here today because I have matters to attend to so I won’t talk to you . ” He glanced at Feng Jiu and said: “What did you say your name was?”

“Disciple’s name is Feng Jiu, I am an errand boy from Third Sun Peak . ” Her eyes narrowed as she smiled .

“Feng Jiu?” He looked at her up and down then nodded: “That’s fine, you can go about your chores! You’re not needed here . ”


With a smile on her serious looking face, she said: “Great Elder, you don’t know yet do you? Senior Brother Luo and I have been taking care of Senior Brother Chen during this period of time . Yesterday, Senior Brother Chen was crying in anguish yesterday . He said that he had disgraced the Chen family name and Great Elder . He said that ever since he had entered the Sect, it was Great Elder who had looked out for him and he respected Great Elder like he would his Father . He feels that he has let you down greatly Great Elder . ”

The expressions on the other men’s faces who were beside him turned sour when they heard that . They couldn’t help but look at their Great Elder before lowering their heads .

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Luo Heng’s mouth twitched . What did she mean by the both of them were looking after Chen Dao? He had been the one who was taking care of Chen Dao, and since when was Chen Dao crying yesterday? Chen Dao was fast asleep like a pig at the moment and probably wouldn’t even notice if he had been buried . Besides, he never came over yesterday . Everything he said was nonsense .

He never knew that his ability to sprout nonsense at will was so great . Even Great Elder and the others were dumbfounded and didn’t know how to react .

Just as Luo Heng had thought, the Great Elder was taken aback and a little surprised after hearing Feng Jiu’s words . As he watched the youth speak with such enthusiasm, it never occurred to him that it was purely nonsense because Chen Dao did treat him with respect within the Sect .

He hesitated for a while .

If he had disregarded his wishes and brought him back to the clan right now, wouldn’t it make him appear heartless and unkind?

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At this moment, Feng Jiu looked back and asked: “That’s right . Senior Brother Luo, did you mention Senior Brother’s wishes to remain here for a few more months to Great Elder?”

“Ah? Yes, I’ve told him . ” He was momentarily stunned and looked at the Great Elder .

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu grinned and looked at the Great Elder with joy: “I knew that Great Elder would consent to Senior Brother Chen remaining here for a few more months . After all, it’s only a small request, and since Great Elder treats Senior Brother so well, how could he object?”


The Great Elder coughed lightly and looked at Feng Jiu deeply, then said: “In that case, let him stay here for a few more months! The both of you treat him so well . ”

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Saying that, he took out two bottles of pills from within his sleeve and handed them to Feng Jiu: “These are elixir pills that I have refined, take them to Chen Dao! Tell him to rest well . ” He then turned around and left with the clansmen .

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