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Published at 20th of September 2020 01:30:07 AM
Chapter 1389: 1389
1389 Present Buddha with borrowed flowers

Watching Senior Brother Chen leaving, Steward Qian’s face turned gloomy . When he was about to berate Feng Jiu, suddenly the person strode forward to hand him the Condensation Pill .

“Steward Qian, I’m new here . Thanks to Steward Qian’s care, I’ll treat this Condensing Pill from Senior Brother Chen as borrowing flowers to offer Buddha and gift it to you . Please accept it as a token of my regard . ”

Hearing this, Steward Qian was stunned . He glanced at Feng Jiu and saw that she was sincere and showed no reluctance . Only then did he nod his head secretly with satisfaction . He was very pleased, but he still pretended to refuse .

“This is what Senior Brother Chen gave you . You’d better keep it yourself . After all, this is the Condensation Pill that requires a lot of money to buy . ”

Feng Jiu resolutely told him with a look of admiration . “I know that Steward Qian is upright and never stoops to flattery . You look stern yet kind-hearted . As soon as I got here, Steward Qian took care of me in many ways and arranged these easy jobs for me . I am grateful for your great kindness . I have nothing to offer, so Steward Qian must accept this Condensation Pill . ”

As she said this, she put the pill in his hand . Seeing his embarrassed expression, she kept a straight face and refrained from laughing .


Hearing that, Steward Qian was elated and his mood soared, especially when he saw Feng Jiu put the bottle of pills into his hand . He coughed gently, then told her reluctantly, “Alright! Since you have this intent, I’ll take it . ”

“Steward Qian, I would like to ask, what standing Senior Brother Chen has in Third Sun Peak?” Although she had been boasting and flattering just now, she really knew nothing about Senior Brother Chen .

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Steward Qian’s lips twitched immediately . He shot a glance at Feng Jiu . “So, you’ve never heard of his name before?” This kid’s flattery was so smooth that he thought Feng Jiu knew the person!

“Haha…”She smiled sheepishly and scratched her head with embarrassment . “I met him for the first time today . Seeing Steward Qian calling him Senior Brother Chen, I also followed suit . ”


Steward Qian coughed softly, put the pill away and clasped his hands behind his back . “Senior Brother Chen, whose full name is Chen Dao, is the relative of a great elder in our sect . He has a special position here . It’s your blessing that he took a fancy to you . ”

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As he spoke, he paused slightly . “He is eccentric and recalcitrant . There are few who can catch his fancy in the whole Third Sun Peak . On the other hand, his refining skill is remarkable . Because of his status, in this Third Sun Peak, except for the founder, other people treat him with courtesy . ”

“I see . Thank you so much for your advice, Steward Qian . ” Feng Jiu cupped her fists, saluting him . “I won’t bother you . I will head to the medicinal field to keep watch . ”

Steward Qian nodded and said, “Go, then! If you have anything you don’t understand, you can ask me later . ” If one obtains benefits from others, one has to take more care of them . Otherwise, it’s hardly justifiable .

When he left, Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed and a smile appeared on her face . Then, she walked towards the medicinal field .

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When she arrived at the field, she recalled that she hadn’t asked Steward Qian about the type of snakes that came to pilfer the spirit herbs . Not far away, a plump creature with green hairs on its head stepped quickly into the medicinal field…

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