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Chapter 1388: 1388
1388 Flattery

He looked weird .

He was like a kid pretending to be an adult with a fake mustache, looking out of place .

“Who are you, kid? Why are you staring at me?” That man opened his eyes wide, glaring at Feng Jiu .

Seeing this, Steward Qian quickly spoke with a smile . “Hehe, Senior Brother Chen, he is a new errand boy who’s just gone up the mountain and is still impetuous . Don’t lower yourself to his level . ”

“I’ve met Senior Brother Chen . I’m new here . ” She stepped forward to salute with a grin .

“The new errand boy knew me already? It seems that my fame in Third Sun Peak is so big that everyone knows me! ” His face was suddenly proud, one hand was behind his back and the other was stroking his slanting handlebar mustache .

Feng Jiu was stunned for a moment and then stared at him . She thought that this man was acting so weird . Steward Qian called him Senior Brother Chen, so she followed suit . Yet, he’s actually a person who thirst for fame and couldn’t conceal his smug look .

However, seeing this, she still smiled with narrowed eyes . “Senior Brother Chen is remarkably handsome and his bearing is extraordinary . Although I entered only yesterday, I haven’t seen a few charming immortals like Senior Brother Chen . ”

Steward Qian listened at the side with astonishment . The corners of his mouth slightly twitched . He looked at Feng Jiu with a strange expression on his face . Obviously, he didn’t foresee that this boy could flatter so spontaneously .

When Senior Brother Chen heard this, his eyes brightened . The hand stroking his handlebar mustache paused slightly while he nodded at Feng Jiu with satisfaction . “Yes, you have a bright future . I am so elated to hear this . Although the disciples of Third Sun Peak all know that I am remarkably handsome, radiating with vigor, and have an extraordinary bearing, few people praise me face-to-face as you do . ”

When Feng Jiu heard this, her mouth twitched . Sure enough, this man was a fool .

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She recomposed herself and spoke with a straight look, “It is because everyone respects Senior Brother Chen in their hearts . Senior Brother Chen not only has the appearance of an immortal, but also has extraordinary bearing . Even before anyone comes close, the fragrant smell of elixir has assailed our noses . It is obvious that there are few people like Senior Brother Chen on the Alchemy Way . Today, it is really a blessing in my three lives of cultivation that a small odd-jobber is able to meet the extraordinary Proud Son of Heaven like Senior Brother Chen . ”

Listening to Feng Jiu’s blabs, Steward Qian was stunned . He had no idea that the boy had such flattering skills . Was this his first time meeting Senior Brother Chen? People who didn’t know would think they already knew each other!

Compared to the dumbfounded Steward Qian, Senior Brother Chen was so refreshed that he felt as light as a feather . While he was in a good mood, he asked, “What’s your name, little errand boy?”

“Senior Brother Chen, my name is Feng Jiu . ” She smiled with her eyes narrowed .

“Mm, Feng Jiu . I’ll keep it in mind . ” He nodded, looked at Feng Jiu with a pleased look . “You are very good, very good . This Condensation Pill is your reward . ”

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As he spoke, with a flick on his sleeve, a bottle of medicine flew out and fell in Feng Jiu’s hands . Steward Qian looked on with envy .

Just by talking and spouting flattery, he received a bottle of Condensation Pill?

Feng Jiu was slightly surprised, but she still thanked him with joy and excitement . “Thank you, Senior Brother Chen . ”

Senior Brother Chen whose hands were clasped behind his back, lifted his chin and waved his hand grandly, “Alright, go to work!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left with a flick of his sleeve . It seemed that he had forgotten what he had come to do . There were only those words of praise in his heart .

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