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Published at 20th of September 2020 01:30:07 AM
Chapter 1390: 1390
Chapter 1390 The green-feathered chicken

“What kind of creature is that?” She was stunned . Seeing the plump thing scurrying about in the spirit herb field, she immediately glanced forward to see that the thing with green-feathers on its head was actually a chicken!

“A green-feathered chicken? Is it a chicken?”

She was flabbergasted . That creature had the shape of a chicken, except for its green feathers . There were some green tufts at the top of its head and a glossy shade of green all over its body . However, the chicken’s body was round, just like a puffed ball, but there were still two chicken feet under its plump body .

“Seventh-rank beast?”

Her lips twitched slightly . This was a kind of bird that looked like a beast . Yet, surprisingly, it’s a seventh-rank beast!

“Cluck cluck cluck!”

Just as she uttered the word ‘seventh-rank beast’ in amazement, the green-feathered chicken eating the red tongue spirit grass raised its head and squawked at her . Its clucking sound was as if reproaching her for calling it a beast .

Seeing that the plump green-feathered chicken opened its beak and took the tender heart of the tongue spirit grass to eat, she hurriedly regained her senses and cried out, “Green Hair, don’t eat it!”

She pounced to grab the green-feathered chicken, but it fluttered its wings and flew out a few meters away .

“It can fly? Is it a bird or a chicken?”

She looked at the green-feathered chicken with its wings outstretched toward her in surprise and saw its neck stretched out, its head thrown back, with the heart of a red tongue spirit herb in its beak .

“Still eating? You act as if I have no way to catch you, right?” She rolled up her sleeves, quietly approached from behind, and then fiercely flung her hands forward .

“Cluck cluck cluck…cluck cluck cluck!”

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The green-feathered chicken flapped its wings, raised its head and squawked loudly . Feng Jiu watched it proudly land in another place and began to eat those red tongue spirit grass .

Seeing this, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and a malicious smile appeared . “Still keep on eating, don’t you? Alright! You forced me to do this . ” As soon as she finished speaking, she approached again .

This time, striking a pouncing posture and halted her step, a silver needle shot out when the green-feathered chicken flapped its wings and soared to the sky .


The chicken crowed twice and fell down from mid-air . Feng Jiu tiptoed and leapt up to grab it .

“Hey hey, do you think I failed to catch you this time?”

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She lifted her chin triumphantly and patted the ball-like plump green-feathered chicken . She was surprised at the feel .

“It’s fleshy…”

She gulped and stared at the green-feathered chicken’s eyes . How distinct would a seventh-rank beast taste?

“Cluck cluck cluck…cluck cluck cluck…”

The green-feathered chicken squawked with its head raised up, as if it started to fear and struggled to leave . However, Feng Jiu had already caught it . Could it escape when it wanted to?

So, when it saw Feng Jiu drooling at the green-feathered chicken in her hand while murmuring, “Steamed? Boiled? Should I bake it, stew it, or stir fry it? Which would be better? ”

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Her idea was simple . As a type of beast, it was edible . A chicken with green feathers, even being a seventh-rank beast, was still a chicken . With its feathers plucked and then eaten, it became food to pad her stomach .

But just as she was trying to find a place to eat the green-feathered chicken, she was stunned as her hand touched the bottom part of the chicken’s body .

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