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Chapter 1330: 1330
Chapter 1330 Must win every be

the second floor was obviously different from the one downstairs . instead of being placed in an enclosed room, each long table was separated by a screen with chairs at the edge of the table . those on the ground floor weren’t like that . all of the customers were crowded around the table to gamble .

obviously, the difference was that the second floor looked better . she swept her eyes around . because of the screens separating the tables, she could only vaguely see someone sitting on each long table and unable to view the bets on the table .

led by the steward, they came to another long table . several of them sat down in turn . the servants offered tea and refreshments . at the same time, a woman in a skintight attire was sent up to inquire how they wanted to play .

“what do you want to play? go ahead . i let you order it . ” yang san said while leaning back on the chair . with a contemptuous look, he stared at feng jiu and xuanyuan mo ze .

“since you have a lot of money, you bet!” feng jiu answered as a matter of course . she picked up the dice cup on the table and shook it . she asked, “is it just the two of us playing? do they play?” she looked at the other two men .

“play . we have to accompany you guys play, don’t we?”

the two men spoke in unison . they naturally dared to gamble, after all, as the children of the influential and noble families, they had some money on them . what’s more, with yang san, they were naturally more relieved . you know, yang san’s gambling skills were learned .

“ok, then . let’s play the most direct game, the big and small bet!”

“no problem!” several of them began to play .

xuanyuan mo ze watched from the side without making a sound . out of the two, he did not participate . only feng jiu played with them . when feng jiu won one hand after another, yang san was still stable . as for the other two people, sweat was starting to ooze from their foreheads .

“should we put a big bet or a small one?” they asked the young master yang san .

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yang san wrung his eyebrows in an answer . after placing the gold coin, the two men could only take out the valuable things on their bodies . however, it turned out big again . their faces turned white in an instant .

“it’s finished . everything is gone…”

“i’m in trouble this time . how should we explain after going back home?”

they sat there in a daze, watching the valuable things at their waists were also taken by the young man and seeing his contented and joyful expression . they were so angry but they had no other options .

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after the time it took for half a column incense to burn, they even lost their clothes . their upper bodies were naked, wearing only a pair of three-quarter loose underpants . they were both ashamed and indignant .

if you had known that the boy’s gambling skills were so good, they would not gamble with him even if they were put to death . but now, even if they regretted it, they couldn’t get back what they’d lost .

“get out . ” xuanyuan mo ze glanced at them . he felt that the two men’s naked upper bodies were too offensive to his eyes .

the two men only felt a powerful pressure attacking them, making their faces so pale with fright . they didn’t dare to talk back . they stood up at once and went out like that, went down to the first floor, and dashed away .

feng jiu propped her chin with one hand and glanced sideways at xuanyuan mo ze . she smiled with her eyes narrowed and asked, “do you want to play a few games, too?”

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“no, it’s alright that you play . ” he answered, taking a sip of tea .

when she heard his reply, feng jiu smiled . she looked at the young master yang san who was frowning with contemplation and asked carelessly . “next, what will you gamble with?”

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