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Published at 19th of August 2020 03:45:05 PM
Chapter 1331: 1331
Chapter 1331 He can’t escape

Although Yang San was puzzled, his insight wasn’t bad . After playing so many games, he realised that the young man in front of him won not by luck but by his own skills . Plus, when the big man raised his voice, the two men didn’t dare to say a word and ran away . Although that mighty pressure didn’t hit him, he could sense their fright keenly .

This time, his mind was in a mess, and cold sweat dripped on his forehead . He wiped the sweat with his sleeve, then picked up the teacup and drank a few mouthfuls . “I’ll come back after using the toilet . ” With that, he stood up and went out in a hurry .

“Say, is he going to use this excuse to run away?” Feng Jiu propped her chin with a smile, inquiring at Xuanyuan Mo Ze .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze took a sip of tea and answered calmly . “He can’t escape . ”

Yes, he couldn’t escape .

Yang San certainly wanted to use this excuse to flee quickly . He feels that if he gambled again, he would have the same fate as his two friends . After playing these games for so long, he could gauge these two men’s bottom line . They’re definitely not the people he could provoke . He’d use the thirty-six stratagems: if everything else fails, retreat .

But, just as he was about to jump the wall and flee, a voice came from behind .

“Where are you going?”

He froze and stayed still in a daze . After realising that it wasn’t the voice of one of the two men, he looked behind, and his face turned pale .

“Gray, Big Brother Gray Wolf . Shadow, Big Brother Shadow One . . ”

He trembled and quickly climbed down from the wall . “You, how did you come? Is my Second Brother not here? ”


Gray Wolf snorted and glanced at him . “Don’t call us Big Brother . We don’t know each other very well . Go . Return post-haste after you’re done peeing!”

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“Oh, yes, I’ll be right back . I’ll be right back . ” He answered quickly . As he was about to turn around and climb over the back wall, someone grasped his shoulder .

“Go back inside and continue gambling . Where do you think you’re going?” Gray Wolf asked with a sinister smile .

Hearing this, he turned pale . “Going back, going back inside to continue gambling?”

“Yes, didn’t you bring this about yourself? Now you want to escape? That’s impossible . Go back quickly . ” He gave him a push and stood staring at him with his hands folded at his chest .

Yang San gulped and asked him cautiously . “Gray, Big Brother Gray Wolf, do you know them?”

“What Gray Gray Wolf? Kid, you want to be taught a lesson, don’t you? What nonsense! Go in, or I’ll kick you in! ” Gray Wolf hummed coldly . Now, he knew fear . What was he going to do before?

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Seeing this, he had no choice but to walk back while mulling inside . Who were those two? Gray Wolf and Shadow One were the crown prince’s personal guards . Why were they here? Could it be…

When he thought of that possibility, he also recalled the big man’s shout and mighty pressure . For a moment, his legs turned to jelly that he almost knelt on the floor .

Back to the room, he saw the two people were still at their seats . One was drinking tea and the other was propping his chin, looking bored . With a pale face, he came over in a hurry . “That, you two, how about I invite you to the restaurant to eat something?”

“No, sit down! Let’s continue . ” Feng Jiu smiled and signalled with her eyes .

He could only sit down stiffly, trembling . After some thoughts, he took out all his treasures, piled them on the table and pushed them in front of Feng Jiu .

“Young Master, this is my amends to you . Look…”

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