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Published at 19th of August 2020 03:45:05 PM
Chapter 1329: 1329
Chapter 1329 It’s not luck

“what are you playing there, boy? i asked you to come and bet with me . ” he yelled in anger .

“i’ll win some money first!”

feng jiu answered without looking back . she stared at the two dice cups on the table . whilst the people around her were shouting ‘big’ and ‘small’ dice, she grinned and called out loudly, “big!”

xuanyuan mo ze looked at her betting there without stopping her . seeing that she played a few, yet won a lot, many people next to him called her lucky .

but, luck? for her, she never thought she was lucky .

“tch! didn’t you say you were rich? it turns out that you don’t even have the capital to gamble! ” yang san sneered . he opened his hand fan to fan himself, glanced at the young man who gambled enthusiastically, then looked at the big bearded man . “hey, why don’t you play two games?”

xuanyuan mo ze didn’t even pay attention to him . he was only focused on feng jiu .

“i bet all this!” feng jiu yelled, pushing the hill-like gold coins in front of her and putting them on the big side .

“you put your bet on the big side again? it’s been five sets in a row . it’s impossible to get another one . ”

“right, right . little brother, you’ve put so much money on the big side . aren’t you worried that once the small dice appears, you’ll squander all your gains!”

“what’s to worry about? are there any poor people who can come and play here? maybe a few of them have no interest in it! ”

“that’s true . hahaha . i won’t bet on it . i won’t bet big with him . ”

“i will bet small . ”

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“small! this round must be the small one!”

“alright, alright, don’t change your bet later!”

at the same time, the covered dice cup was opened, revealing the numbers inside . “four, five, six, big!”

“hahaha, i won again!” feng jiu said happily . after the big bet was collected, she took out her heaven and earth bag and started putting the gold coins inside . the people around couldn’t help but envy her .

“little brother, do you want to bet small or big this time? i’ll join you this round!”

“right, me too!”

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“little brother, which one do you bet, small or big?”

everyone was inquiring, thinking they would definitely win this set if they followed the young man . who knew, he smiled with eyes narrowed and waved at them . “i won’t play anymore . i’ll go and play with that one over there . go ahead!” with that, she withdrew from that table .

“look, i won this much . ” she handed the cosmos sack to xuanyuan mo ze with a happy smile .

“i can’t tell that such a kid has real skill . ” yang san looked askance at feng jiu . “let’s go! let’s go up there and play big . ”

“do you have money?” feng jiu raised her eyes at him . “if there’s no gold and silver, i won’t play with you . ”

“tch! is it possible that this young master doesn’t have money? don’t you know that among the imperial city’s influential families, we the yang family is the wealthiest?” with that, he told the steward on the side, “lead the way . open a separate table on the second floor . ”

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“yes . young master yang san, upstairs, please . gentlemen, please head upstairs . ”

the steward made an inviting gesture and at the same time looked at feng jiu . after a few gambles, she won all of them . this was definitely not a fluke . however, this young master yang san had been wandering in the gambling house for a long time and he had real skills . it’s hard for the young man to win against him .

feng jiu looked at xuanyuan mo ze, flashed a sly smile, and took the lead to go forward . since the man came to the door to cheat her, she wouldn’t be easy on him, either . however, she was a little curious . if yang yong heard about this matter, would he fly into a rage?

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