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Published at 14th of August 2020 07:33:07 PM
Chapter 1308: Chapter 1308 - Intolerable
Chapter 1308 Intolerable

She released Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s arm and stepped forward fearlessly in front of Han Rong . Her gaze was as cold as the frost and scolded him in an imposing manner . “You’re a servant . Who gave you the right to be presumptuous in front of your master?”

“You, you’re an outsider, you have no right to speak here!”

Han Rong was so livid that his face turned ashen . His chest heaved violently and his whole body was brimming with hostility . It looked like he wished to put Feng Jiu to death . There’s no doubt that if Xuanyuan Mo Ze was not standing there, he would have made a move .

Feng Jiu sneered . “An outsider, me? Oh, isn’t it better than you, a servant?”

“I was the one watching Ah Ze grew up!” He clenched his fist and shouted angrily .

“So what? Did you give birth to him? Or did you raise him? Watching him grow up? Does this give you the ability not to distinguish between the senior and junior? You can’t distinguish between master and servant? Or are you trying to get something in return?”

She pressed on toward him, speaking aggressively so that Han Rong’s face changed from pale to sinister to red with anger, but he couldn’t say anything . He only stared at Feng Jiu with fury as if he wanted to drink her blood and eat her flesh .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who originally looked upset was less tense after hearing Feng Jiu’s words . A smiling and doting look flashed in his eyes . He did not open his mouth and left it to her to deal with it .

In the future, she will be the mistress of this mansion . Although his people would recognize her on his account . it was doubtful whether they would really submit to her . She must have the power and boldness to deal with things .

Originally, he was still thinking about how to find an opportunity for her . Now, Han Rong had sent it to her door in person . Who else was more suitable than him to be an example?

Take Han Rong, who was in charge of the Black Prison . Who would dare to disobey her in this mansion?

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“Ah Ze, are you allowing this enchantress to humiliate Uncle Han like this?” He could not bear it any longer and looked at the indifferent Xuanyuan Mo Ze .

“This Lord saw you humiliated her, not that she humiliated you . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s gaze was deep . With an expressionless glance, he told him in a cold voice . “Maybe you should take a look at the rules in the mansion . ”

Han Rong’s heart sank when he heard Xuanyuan Mo Ze addressed himself with ‘this Lord’ . He knew that Xuanyuan Mo Ze wouldn’t listen to what he said now . If he mentioned it again, it would only make things more troublesome .

At the moment, he took a deep breath, suppressed his anger, and tried to make himself look calm . “I know . I’ll leave first . ” With that, he saluted without waiting for them to say anything, but turned around and took a leave directly .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze stared at his retreating back . His eyebrows are slightly twisted, it was unknown what he was thinking about .

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Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows, looking somewhat surprised . Was that it? She thought he was going to make a move! It seemed that this person’s endurance was really not ordinary, ah! Could anyone suppress it?

To put it another way, how much patience did it take for a strong man who was respected in this mansion to be admonished so that he could only turn away in anger?

What’s more, she was the one admonishing him . Even though Xuanyuan Mo Ze said that she would be the mistress here, she admonished this man to the point of leaving even before becoming one . How could one underestimate such endurance?

“What are you thinking about?”

The words in her ear brought her back to her senses and made her look at the people around her .

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