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Published at 14th of August 2020 07:33:05 PM
Chapter 1309: Chapter 1309 - Must reconsider
Chapter 1309 Must reconsider

“I wonder, why do you keep such people around? Do you still entrust him with an important task? ” In terms of his conduct, he shouldn’t have .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at the direction Han Rong left . “He never used to be like this . ”

Gray Wolf also came forward while supporting Shadow One and hurriedly spoke, “Yes, he never did this before . He used to be wholeheartedly thinking for the sake of the Lord and for the mansion . He had never done anything out of line . It was astonishing that he crossed the line today . ”

Feng Jiu was absorbed in thought . He wasn’t like that before? It was just for her? Was it because she gave him a bad first impression so that she misunderstood him as a scheming person?

“Gray Wolf, take Shadow One to heal his wounds!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze spoke .

“Yes . ” Gray Wolf replied and left with Shadow One .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze held her hand . “There are plenty of people in the mansion and many are stronger than you . They will recognize you on my account, but you have to deal with it yourself in the future if they refuse to obey you . ”

“You’ve handled this very well today,” he said with a smile . “Be ruthless and don’t be afraid . ”

When she heard this, she sighed and frowned with disgust . ”There are a lot of troubles before I marry you . I have to reconsider whether I want to marry you . ” With these words, she released his hand and turned toward the courtyard .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze was stunned . He was stupefied for a moment and chased after her nervously . “You promised me . You can’t go back on your promise . ”

She looked at the sky and pondered, then curled her lips and said, “Did I? When did I promise? Why don’t I remember? I think you remember it wrong . ”

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“Feng Jiu!”

I’m here, alright!” She smiled cunningly . “You know I don’t like troubles . I’m not as strong as the people in your mansion . If someone bullies me in the future and I can’t beat them, I have to think about it or forget it . ”

“I’m here and I will protect you . ” With a straight look on his face, he said, “Besides, my people will not offend their superiors . ”

She lifted her index finger and swung it in front of him . “Don’t speak so early, it’s hard to say! Besides, I heard that men are different before and after marriage . Ah, it makes me worried . I am only in my late teens . I am still young and enjoying the prime of my life . I won’t get married so easily . ”

“In your late teens isn’t too young . ” He glanced at her chest . “The place that should be big has also grown up . ”

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Feng Jiu cast a scornful glance at him and snorted . “What are you looking at? Stop your messy thoughts . ”

“Little Jiu, how about this! Let’s choose an auspicious day . How about getting the betrothal first? ”

“No, I must reconsider . Besides, you and I have a ten-year agreement . ” She snorted, looking at him being all flustered, she found it amusing .

“I think I’ve been here for a few months, and I’m going to leave in a few days . ” She looked at him . “You don’t have to ask me for news when I’m gone . I’ll come out when I’m supposed to . ”

At this, he frowned . “Are you trying to hide? If you have something to do, just let me know and I’ll take care of it . ”

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“No, I have to take care of it myself . Even if it is you, I don’t want you to help me with everything . ”

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