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Published at 14th of August 2020 07:33:10 PM
Chapter 1307: Chapter 1307 - You’re the presumptuous one
Chapter 1307 You’re the presumptuous one

Uncle Han, who was punishing the two of them, saw the courtyard’s door open up and his expression turned gloomier . His eyes passed Xuanyuan Mo Ze and fell on Feng Jiu who was clad in red . Seeing the woman’s beautiful face, he became more and more certain that she was a fox!

When Feng Jiu came out, she noticed a hostile gaze staring at her sharply . She looked up at the black robed middle-aged man outside the courtyard that looked strong and imposing who was exuding a mighty and fierce pressure .

As for his looks, he’s just like that, neither ordinary nor outstanding . However, the man’s dignified face was somewhat gloomy and didn’t give people a good feeling .

So, this man was Uncle Han that Gray Wolf mentioned before? Even if he raised Xuanyuan Mo Ze, he also managed his Master’s business too much, even the women around him . This desire to control, haha, really opened her eyes .

Others should be aware that the country ruler, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s father, did not care about his matters as much .

Her first impression concerning the man called Uncle Han was very bad, making her extremely upset .

It was reasonable for close relatives to take care of these things . However, those who were unrelated, they had little affection when taking care of the matter concerning their Master . She had no idea why Xuanyuan Mo Ze kept this kind of person and let him take charge of the Black Prison .

But, this man had gone too far and had no self-knowledge .

“What’s going on?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze asked in a calm voice . As he looked at the two men, Gray Wolf and Shadow One, his face sunk at the sight of Shadow One’s pale face and blood trickling at the corners of his mouth .

Before Shadow One and Gray Wolf answered, Uncle Han opened his mouth and inquired . “Is this the Feng Jiu you mentioned?” His sharp and sinister eyes stared at Feng Jiu . “You are truly skilled!”

“Uncle Han!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned at him . “I told you not to care about this matter!”

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“Ah Ze, the enchantress must know something about the art of seduction . Otherwise, you can’t be fascinated by such a person . She can’t stay by your side! If you really want a woman, Uncle Han can help you find it . There are plenty of women more beautiful than her . ”

Feng Jiu chuckled at this remark . She stepped forward slowly and came to Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s side . She took his arm with both hands and leaned on his body . An alluring smile blossomed on her beautiful face . “Ze, who is this old man?”

When Gray Wolf and Shadow One heard this, they tugged their lip corners and cast a glance at the ashen-faced Uncle Han . The two men wisely withdrew to one side .

Old man . Only Ghost Doctor would dare to make fun of people like this .

However, it was consistent with Ghost Doctor’s character . Uncle Han insulted her again and again . If she still called Uncle Han deferentially, that would be absurd .

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“His name is Han Rong . We all call him Uncle Han . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said simply .

“Oh? His family name is Han? I thought it is Xuanyuan! ” She said carelessly, glancing at the middle-aged man who was so angry that he clenched his fist . “Since he has a different surname, he is not your close relative . He’s not yet relative but a servant . How can a servant manage your affairs?”

“You, you’re presumptuous!”

Han Rong shouted angrily . But who knew…

“You’re the presumptuous one!”

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Feng Jiu yelled harshly . Her whole persona changed and her gaze turned chilly .

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