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Published at 14th of August 2020 07:33:12 PM
Chapter 1306: Chapter 1306 - Anger
Chapter 1306 Anger

Although the Lord regarded Uncle Han as an elder, he shouldn’t listen to Uncle Han for this matter . Moreover, in their view, the Lord and Feng Jiu were well matched . His Lord, who usually gave people a cold and heartless impression would only show his tender side to Feng Jiu .

They had never seen that side of his before . They followed the Lord for so long, yet they had never seen him treat anyone specially, moreover to this extent .

Back in the courtyard, Xuanyuan Mo Ze saw that the woman’s face was covered with a book and seemed to be asleep . He went closer and sat down beside her . He glanced at Gray Wolf . “Why didn’t you get a blanket and cover her with it?”


Gray Wolf scratched his head . “This subordinate didn’t think about it . ””What about getting it now?” He hurried to the room, took out a blanket and handed it to the Lord .

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze covered her with the blanket, she took the book away from her face and revealed a smiling face . “I didn’t sleep . ”

Looking at her smile, a trace of anger in his heart also dissipated . The corners of his lips were slightly raised . “If you are sleepy, go back to the room to sleep . It’s easy to catch a cold here . ”

“Then, can you carry me in?” She stretched out her hands and asked him to hold them .

“Sure . ” He got up and bent down to carry her in his arms . With her in his embrace, he stepped toward the room .

Gray Wolf breathed out softly with relief and grinned . When he turned his head, he saw a figure not far away who witnessed this scene with a gloomy face . Gray Wolf’s smile turned stiff as he looked at the figure .

Uncle Han? Why did he come here? Did he want to see Ghost Doctor?

“You two, come here . ” The middle-aged man standing outside the courtyard called out calmly .

Shadow One and Gray Wolf paused and stepped outside . “We’ve met Uncle Han . ” They saluted him .

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“That woman has always stayed here?”

Shadow One pursed his lips and said nothing . Gray Wolf smiled sheepishly . “Uncle Han, her name is Feng Jiu . She…”

“It’s just a shameless woman . Don’t tell me her name!” He snorted coldly with a gloomy tone . His eyes were even more sinister when he thought of what he had just seen .

“Uncle Han, that’s the woman in my Lord’s heart . In my opinion, Uncle Han shouldn’t be too presumptuous or the Lord won’t be happy when he hears it . ” Shadow One spoke coldly, thinking that Uncle Han was managing too much .


With a howl, his powerful pressure came out and immediately made Shadow One’s blood roil . Shadow One staggered back and spat out a mouthful of blood .

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“Uncle Han, what are you doing!” The startled Gray Wolf immediately supported Shadow One and glared at Uncle Han with anger .

“What am I doing? Is this how you do things when you are with the Lord? You let a messy woman approach him, that’s your fault!”

He bellowed out in a deep voice . His voice hit them like thunder . Their opponent’s might suppressed them greatly that they didn’t even have the chance to speak .

Inside the room in the courtyard, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s expression sank when he heard the noise outside . Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and glanced outside .

She’s just lying down in bed! Why was it getting noisy even before she tucked herself inside the blanket?

“I’ll go out and have a look . Go to sleep!” He pulled up the blanket and covered her, then turned around and left .

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Seeing this, Feng Jiu lifted the blanket and followed him outside .

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