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Published at 14th of August 2020 07:33:13 PM
Chapter 1305: Chapter 1305 - Uncle Han
Chapter 1305 Uncle Han

In the following days, the two could be described as being stuck together all day . While Xuanyuan Mo Ze was dealing with affairs, Feng Jiu was either tidying up things for him, reading next to him or lying on the soft couch to sleep .

The days were warm and quiet . In the mansion, everyone was almost sure that the woman in red would be the mistress of their mansion .

Until a certain day, two months later .

“Master, Uncle Han is back and waiting for you in the study . ” As soon as Shadow One came in and reported it, he took a look at Feng Jiu surreptitiously .

“Mm . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze answered and told Feng Jiu, “I’ll be back soon . ”

Feng Jiu laid on the soft couch reading a book, eating the grapes peeled by Xuanyuan Mo Ze . Feng Jiu responded and continued to read the pages of the book .

Shadow One followed Xuanyuan Mo Ze while Gray Wolf stayed . Looking at the leisurely reading Feng Jiu, he couldn’t help coming forward . “We can say that my Lord was brought up by Uncle Han . ”

“Oh?” She looked up at Gray Wolf . “This Uncle Han is very unusual?”

“Mm . Even my Lord also calls him Uncle Han . ”

She raised her eyebrows in surprise . “I have been in the house for more than two months . How come I haven’t seen him?”

“Uncle Han is in charge of the Black Prison, which is the place for punishing mistakes and training dark guards . He usually doesn’t leave the Black Prison . This time, he probably heard the news that Ghost Doctor came to the mansion . So, that’s why he’s here . ”

Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed slightly . She looked at Gray Wolf who hesitated slightly . Her heart moved but she didn’t pay attention to it and continued to turn the book pages . But this time, she wasn’t as engrossed reading it .

Gray Wolf opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to say it . Finally, he shut his mouth .

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At a different place, in the study .

“Uncle Han, why are you back? What happened over there? ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze came into the study . He inquired after seeing the middle-aged man sitting at the table .

“Ah Ze, I heard that there is a woman of unknown origin in the house . Is there such a thing?” The middle-aged man didn’t address Xuanyuan Mo Ze with ‘Lord’ or ‘Young Master’ but his nickname, similar to an elder toward his junior .

“Uncle Han, her name is Feng Jiu . She’s not a woman of unknown origin . ”

He sat down at the table with a slightly heavy voice . “I knew her several years ago . She is the woman I love and will be the mistress of the mansion in the future . I don’t want Uncle Han to have any prejudice against her . ”

Hearing this, Uncle Han’s eyes were slightly heavy and his face was also a little ugly . “Ah Ze, you have never had a woman beside you when you were a child and you don’t know about women . Women are all vain . What they see is your status, everything you have, and they don’t really love you . ”

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“That’s enough, Uncle Han!”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze stood up with a gloomy face . “Thank you for your concern . If Uncle Han has nothing else to do, you’d better go back to the Black Prison as soon as possible . ” He flicked his sleeves and strode out .

Seeing him flicking his robe and leaving with anger, Uncle Han clenched his fists . His heart was like a flaming ball of fire . His eyes were gloomy and his whole body was filled with a violent atmosphere, making him look terrible .

In the dark, several dark guards saw it . In this atmosphere, they did not dare to breathe . After some time passed, he got up and walked out of the study . Several dark guards were finally taking their breaths .

It seemed that Uncle Han didn’t agree with their Lord liking Feng Jiu .

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