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Chapter 1288: 1288



After landing on the ground heavily, a smothered groan was heard as blood flowed out of his mouth again and caused Scarlet Water Crown Prince who was on the brink of death to faint .

“Your Highness!”

Scarlet Water Country’s people exclaimed as they rushed forward quickly to help him up . Some had even taken out medicine for him to take . There were so many people and hands, it was all a mess .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced coldly at the unconscious person then turned and walked over to Feng Jiu who was not far away and retrieved a black cloak from space to cover her . He covered her exposed arm tightly .

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In the dark, when the two secret guards saw the Crown Prince had wrapped the girl up in the black cloak like a baby, showing only her head, the corners of their mouths couldn’t help but twitched . They glanced at each other and left in a flash .

When Gray Wolf and Shadow One saw that My Lord was afraid that too much of the Ghost Doctor would be seen by others, they couldn’t help but bow their heads to conceal the grin on their faces .

As for the accompanying guards, they also had lowered their heads, fearing to take another look .

Feng Jiu looked down and saw how tightly he had wrapped her up and couldn’t help but blink up at him, smiling happily: “It’s quite hot today, isn’t it a bit too much to be wrapped up like this? What if I get prickly heat?”

“You won’t . ”

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He mumbled and said, and walked forward with her in his arms: “There is a water spring up ahead, I will take you there . ”

Gray Wolf and Shadow One followed behind them and not long later, they disappeared from everyone’s sight .

Princess Yingxue gritted her teeth, jealousy had distorted her entire face . She watched Xuanyuan Crown Prince thunder with anger because that girl’s sleeve was torn by her Crown Prince elder brother, she watched him beat up her Crown Prince brother till he spat out blood and was on the brink of death, unable to be persuaded by anyone . However, one sentence from that girl to tell him to stop, he strode back to her, and like he was protecting a treasure, he wrapped her up in his cloak and took her away in his arms .

From the beginning, he only had eyes for that girl .

“Carry the Crown Prince away, take him to the palace!”

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She stood up and ordered . Since she couldn’t touch that girl, then she would use Xuanyuan Country Ruler’s hand to deal with that girl! She refused to believe that between Scarlet Water Country and that girl with unknown origins, the Country Ruler of Xuanyuan Empire would choose the girl with unknown origins!

“Yes . ” The people responded and carefully lifted the Scarlet Water Crown Prince away .

Thus, the hunt had ended, with Scarlet Water Crown Prince riding a horse in, and being carried out unconscious…

In the forest by the water spring, after Feng Jiu had washed her face and changed into another set of clothes, she came out . Further out from the water spring, Gray Wolf and Shadow One had their backs to her and formed a circle as Xuanyuan Mo Ze sat under a tree .

“Okay . ”

She came to his side and said: “Your Father Emperor will most likely be furious that you have beat Scarlet Water Crown Prince so badly . He had instructed you to make sure they returned after enjoying themselves, but now he is leaving lying down . ”

“Don’t worry, I will handle everything . ” He pulled her to sit down and handed her a piece of roast meat: “Eat! We will rest here tonight and go back tomorrow morning . ”

“Okay . ”

She took the piece of roast meat and ate it as she thought of her next step . It would seem that before his father had even met her, his impression of her was already bad, this was not what she had wanted .

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