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Published at 30th of July 2020 03:55:06 PM
Chapter 1287: 1287

“Your Highness!”

“Crown Prince elder brother!”

The people from Scarlet Water were startled violently and after screaming, they ran towards Scarlet Water Crown Prince who had fallen to the ground pale-faced unable to stand up . However, a figure in black was even faster than any of them, almost in a blink of an eye he had reached Scarlet Water Crown Prince who had fallen to the ground with blood in the corner of his mouth .

“Have I not warned you?”

The low hostile voice hit the hearts of everyone like thunder, the powerful pressure contained in his voice swayed in their hearts and caused the blood in their bodies to stir .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s hands were condensed with spiritual breath and he lifted him up from the ground using a big powerful hand that was formed using that spiritual breath that was visible to the naked eye . The hand held Scarlet Water Crown Prince’s tightly around his neck as he lifted him off the ground and dangled him in the air .

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At this time, Scarlet Water Crown Prince was unable to resist and too weak to struggle, the force that had struck him had injured his internal organs and made it difficult for him to breathe . His whole body was weak and without strength, let alone anything else .

He felt a strong coercion and a death breath lingering over him which shocked him so much he felt fear from the bottom of his heart .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was classed as the head of the Crown Princes of the Eight Supreme Empires was actually so strong! Strong enough to shock them and make their hearts tremble…

At this moment, without a doubt, there was only one thought in his head, and that was to take his life on the spot!

“Xuanyuan Crown Prince, you can’t kill my Crown Prince elder brother!”

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“Xuanyuan Crown Prince, you can’t do this!”

“Xuanyuan Crown Prince, let My Highness go!”

“Xuanyuan Crown Prince, you will destroy the relationship between the two countries!”

The people of Scarlet Water Country tried to get close when they realised that the area where Xuanyuan Mo Ze and their Crown Prince were, was filled with a strong and terrifying coercion which prevented them from taking another step . They were unable to save their Crown Prince from his hands and could only resort to persuading words .

The secret guards who were sent by the Country Ruler were also surprised when they saw this, so the manservant was actually a girl who had been following His Highness around, and she was also pure and innocent . This was good, when Country Ruler found out, he would surely be very happy!

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After all, the Crown Prince never had a woman around him for so many years, now that he had such a girl whom he doted on so fiercely, Country Ruler could finally rest assured and not have to worry about his sexual orientation .

However, what should the angered Crown Prince do at this point? If he really did kill Scarlet Water Crown Prince, then things would no doubt get messy .

Just when they felt the atmosphere getting tense and the murderous breath spread through the forest, and it seemed like he would snap the neck of Scarlet Water Crown Prince at any moment, a warm soft voice drifted over .

“It’s alright, it’s nothing, forget it!”

Feng Jiu’s voice drifted out slowly as she glanced at her exposed arm . There was no feeling . In the modern era of her last life, she had even worn bikinis, let alone this?

Gray Wolf and Shadow One let out a breath of relief . The Ghost Doctor had spoken, My Lord probably wouldn’t kill Scarlet Water Crown Prince now .

Sure enough, when the angry Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard Feng Jiu’s voice, he looked back at her . When he saw that she was unbothered by her exposed arm, he frowned and raised his hand, throwing Scarlet Water Crown Prince back .

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