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Chapter 1289: 1289

At noon the next day, they returned to the residence in the Imperial City . As soon as they entered, Yang Yong stepped forward: “My Lord, Country Ruler has orders for you to enter the palace as soon as you return . ”

“Well, prepare a horse carriage and wait for us to bathe and change out clothes before we enter the palace . ” He then brought Feng Jiu to the Main Courtyard with him .

“Yes . ” Yang Yong replied . He instructed the servants to get the horse carriage ready then pulled Gray Wolf to one side and questioned him: “What the hell happened? How did Scarlet Water Crown Prince get knocked unconscious after going out?”

“Scarlet Water Crown Prince was looking for death, do you know he actually tore… . . ”

He glanced left and right and lowered his voice before he continued: “Tore the Ghost Doctor’s clothes, and he tore off the Ghost Doctor’s sleeve, her whole arm was exposed . My Lord got angry and struck out his palm sending him flying . Later on, the Ghost Doctor said it was okay, otherwise, I think My Lord would have killed Scarlet Water Crown Prince . ”

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When he heard these words, Yang Yong was a little surprised but he also understood, it was no wonder . He knew that no matter how much My Lord found them displeasing to the eye, he wouldn’t have put him in a coma .

“That’s right, how is Scarlet Water Crown Prince? He didn’t die did he?” Gray Wolf asked . He had remembered him lying on the ground unmoving .

“He’s not dead, but he is seriously injured . His internal organs are injured and several ribs are broken . I reckon even if he got the best medicine, he would still be bedridden for one to two months . ” Speaking of which, he sighed and shook his head: “If this matter is not handled well, it will be troublesome . ”

“Relax, nothing will go wrong with My Lord around . Besides, if they want to pursue this matter, it was Scarlet Water Crown Prince’s fault . ” Gray Wolf continued: “I will go in and see My Lord . ” After which, he went inside immediately .

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In the Main Courtyard, after Xuanyuan Mo Ze had bathed and changed into a fresh set of clothes, he sat at the stone table in the courtyard and waited for Feng Jiu . About an hour later, the bedroom door opened and he turned his head to look . A light flashed involuntarily across his dark eyes .

When the bedroom door opened, she stepped out in a dazzling red dress . Her beautiful face reflected her unique charm, her lips curved into a charming and mesmerising smile and her clear and cunning eyes were full of confidence . Between her smile and gait, she exuded unparalleled style and charm .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s gaze went from the bottom of her skirt to her waist and past her slender waist to her slightly undulating chest, then her beautiful snow-white neck before finally falling on her beautiful smile on her face . As he looked into her mesmerising eyes, he was unable to look away .

It was obviously just a simple red dress without any extra embellishment . However, on her, it was dazzling and her beauty made his heart beat up and down . She was so beautiful that he wanted to keep her hidden in his arms so that no one else would discover her beauty . … .

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“How is it? Is it pretty?”

She came in front of him, her hands slightly open as she turned around in a circle with a smile on her face . As her body turned, her skirt blossomed out like a beautiful flower .

“Beautiful, so beautiful that I don’t want to take you out . ”

His deep voice was filled with doting and tenderness as he reached out to hug her slender soft waist and pulled her into his arms .

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