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Chapter 1279

She smiled when she saw his face turn pale when he heard her words and comforted him: “Don’t be nervous, I am just saying it casually . ”

“I, I don’t hahaha… . I won’t dare next time, hahahah… . . ”

Gray Wolf hastily expressed, even if he was beaten to death he would never dare to peep at them again . Fortunately the punishment was from My Lord today, if it was from the Ghost Doctor then it would be a tragedy . Moreover, he hadn’t known her to be one to speak casually either .

It was just that he hadn’t seen her for a long time and had forgotten his losses at her hand .

Feng Jiu was chatting to Gray Wolf for a while . Mostly, it was her doing the talking and Gray Wolf was laughing . When she figured Xuanyuan Mo Ze would have finished taking his bath, she stood up and said to Gray Wolf: “Alright, I won’t keep you company anymore, take your time laughing! But don’t laugh too scarily, it’s night time now, if you laugh sharply and hoarsely, you will scare people . ”

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As soon as her voice fell, she waved her hand and walked towards the main courtyard in Gray Wolf’s unstoppable laughter .

When she had returned to the main courtyard, she saw a certain someone wearing his inner robes sitting on the bed . He was leant against the headboard reading a book when he saw her enter . He raised his eyes and cast her a glance: “You’re back? The bird’s nest is on the table, eat it while it’s hot!”

Feng Jiu looked over at the table and saw a stewing pot and a small bowl next to it . She asked: “Have you eaten?”

“I don’t really like this, you eat it!” He flipped through the book in his hand and replied without raising his head .

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Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu sat down and scooped a bowl of bird’s nest and began eating . Compared to the ordinary bird’s nest, the blood bird’s nest was much more nutritious and nourishing . The taste was also stronger and smoother .

Since Xuanyuan Mo Ze said he wasn’t eating then she would help herself . Bird’s nest had no effect when men consumed it anyway, this type of bird’s nest was only suitable for women .

“What book are you reading?” She glanced inside towards the book and asked . What book was he sitting on the bed reading? Why was he so fascinated?

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard this, the hand flipping the book paused and he glanced outwards . After he had made sure that she couldn’t see it, he cleared his throat and replied: “It’s my ethics book . ” Lying openly, even he felt a little embarrassed and he looked a bit uncomfortable .

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When he thought that she was just about to finish eating, he closed the book . On the cover of the book, it did indeed read Ethics Book, as for whether the contents of the book was really ethics, only he himself knew .

She watched him close the book and put it under the pillow before he got up and walked out to the table to sit down . When he saw that she had finished the bird’s nest, he said: “Tomorrow night, I will tell the kitchen to boil cordyceps soup for you! Change it to something else!”

“If I eat like this everyday, what happens if I become fat?” She put down the bowl and asked with a smile .

He looked at her thoughtfully: “Apparently, it’s nicer to feel more flesh on a woman . ”

Feng Jiu rolled her eyes . Indeed the thoughts of a man, his direction of thought was completely different from that of a woman .

“It’s getting late, I will go back first, see you tomorrow!” She stood up to leave . She had planned to go back to take a bath then have a good night’s sleep and think about what he had said earlier and how she could surprise him .

“Mmm, go back and go to sleep earlier . ” He nodded his head and hadn’t asked her to stay because in that same courtyard, after he had seen her to the door, he would return to his bed .

However, he was unable to fall asleep as he lay in bed, his mind was swimming with thoughts of her . Maybe it was because he had read the book, some of the enchanting pictures had subconsciously creeped into his mind… . .

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