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Chapter 1278

“Hey, hey My, My Lord, did I disturb you?”

He turned around and smiled flatteringly at him . However, when he saw My Lord’s thundery expression and the pressure that emanated from him, he felt his scalp go numb .

Feng Jiu was leaning against the door frame, her arms wrapped across her chest as she stared at Gray Wolf . She knew it was this fool, any normal person wouldn’t do something so sneaky . Okay! Although she had also sneaked into the residence, she was the exception .

“Shadow One . ”

“Your subordinate is here . ” Shadow One flashed forward and saluted respectfully .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at Shadow One and said: “Hang him upside down under the tree and seal his laughing pressure point so that he laughs till dawn . ”

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Gray Wolf’s eyes widened and he begged for mercy immediately: “My Lord, don’t! I know I am wrong, I shouldn’t sneakily look at what you were both doing inside out of curiosity . But I really didn’t see anything, really, I really didn’t see anything . ”

Feng Jiu’s mouth twitched and she looked up at the sky, this clown .

“Take him away . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze gestured with a wave .

“Yes . ” Shadow One responded and came forwards to drag Gray Wolf away .

“My Lord, My Lord… . . ”

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Although he wailed and cried for mercy, he didn’t dare beg the Ghost Doctor for mercy . After all, her identity was a secret . Only My Lord and a few trusted followers knew . If he had shouted then wouldn’t everyone in the residence find out?

Therefore, Gray Wolf was hung upside down in the front courtyard where many people passed through and he laughed uncontrollably the whole time… .

Inside the courtyard, when Feng Jiu realized that it was just the two of them again, she immediately smiled and said: “The night is just nice tonight, I am going out for a walk . ” As soon as her voice fell, she quickly left .

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze saw this, he raised his eyebrow and smiled: “Don’t come back too late . ”

When she heard the words behind her, Feng Jiu nearly stumbled to the ground . After she had stabilized her steps, she looked back and heard his voice again .

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“I’ve told the kitchen to stew blood bird’s nest to nourish your body . ”

When she heard this, her eyes blinked and revealed joy: “Okay!” She waved her hand before she left .

While Xuanyuan Mo Ze was taking a bath, Feng Jiu went to the front courtyard and saw the figure trembling with laughter hanging upside down from the tree . When she saw Gray Wolf, she walked over

“Gray Wolf, how does it feel hanging upside down enjoying the night breeze and scenery?” She sat down on a rock nearby and looked at a laughing Gray Wolf .

“Not, hahahaha, not, hahaha… . not good, hahahaha… . ”

He was laughing so much he was nearly in tears . Had he known he wouldn’t have gone to sneakily take a look out of curiosity . If he did see something then at least that was okay, but he hadn’t even seen anything and he was hung upside down here, how wronged he was!

“Why is it bad? I think it’s pretty good! Look, there’s a breeze here and night scenery for you to look at . No one is bothering you, it can’t get any better . ” She held her chin in one hand and looked at him with a smile in her eyes .

“Furthermore, you dare to peek, then you have to bear the consequences! Don’t blame My Lord, nothing can be accomplished without standards, you should know that, okay! Shall I accompany you and chat with you for a while? You continue laughing, it’s fine, if your voice is hoarse tomorrow, I will treat you . ”

“Don’t, hahahaha… . don’t hahaha… . ”

“Actually My Lord treats you very well, if it were me I would put a beast that has been starved for three days under the tree you are hanging from . That’s more like a punishment, don’t you think?”

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