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Chapter 1280
Chapter 1280 - With You < raw >


Two days later, the recovered Prince Chishui and the three princesses came to the front yard .

Today is the day to go hunting . They also want to take advantage of this hunting opportunity to see how the Prince Xuanyuan’s skills are . The people who accompanied early in the morning were ready to wait outside the house, and they were waiting for Xuanyuan Moser .

Until, about half an hour later, the black figure was late, and the little sister was still behind him, and they looked at each other .

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"Let the two wait for a long time . " Xuanyuan Moze said, looked at them both, Shen Shen said: "This trip should have three days back and forth, Chishui Prince and Princess are ready?"

"Yeah . " Prince Chishui should have a voice, his eyes fell on Xuanyuan Moser: "We are also people who are often in the field, and it is easy to go, even the clothes are replaced with hunting equipment, just waiting for Prince Xuanyuan . "

"If that's the case, then please! The horse is ready . "

It was said that the two talents went outside and came to the outside of the house to jump over the prepared horses . Then I saw Xuanyuan Moze coming out, and the shadow one took a black horse . He did not immediately jump on the horse, but looked at Feng Jiuyi around him .

"I ride this one . " Feng Ji smiled and pointed to a white horse that Yang Yong brought .

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"Follow me, don't be too far away . " He said in a calm voice, and then he jumped on the horse and sat on the horse and looked at her standing below .

"Good . " Feng Jiu should, after taking over the horse brought by Yang Yong, he also came to a beautiful turn, sitting on the horse and following him .

The Prince of Chishui, who was on the side, met, and his eyes fell on the young boy who was wearing a small suit . After looking at it, he looked away .

The back shadow one and the gray wolf accompanying guards, as well as the **** guard team, they are also twenty or thirty people on this side, and the Chishui Prince is also twenty or thirty people on the other side, adding up to fifty or sixty people to form a brigade Going to Jiuzhong Mountain .

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Yang Yong, who stayed in the government, watched the group leave, and then he turned back to the government .

Also the Imperial City, they marched and ran all the way, and arrived in Jiuzhong Mountain in less than half a day .

Jiuzhong Mountain, the mountain is divided into nine, said to be the royal hunting forest, but because of the vast area of the royal family, every time people come back here to hunt and can not go everywhere, in addition to some beasts, there are Some beasts and some spirit beasts .

When I came to Jiuzhong Mountain, I sat on the back of the horse, Xuanyuan Moze, and looked at Chishui Prince . Shen Sheng said: "This place has two strengths . It is not a dangerous place . Let us take ten people into it! The rest are left outside . "

"Yes . " said Prince Chishui, who arranged for ten people to follow them into the forest, while others were watching around .

On the other side, Xuanyuan Moze they are the same, in addition to the gray wolf shadow one and the Feng nine three, there are seven guards to follow .

"Try not to go to the third mountain, and the forest will meet in the dark . " Xuanyuan Moser reminded .

"Reassure, we have a little heard about your Jiuzhong Mountain, knowing where this is . " Chishui Prince snorted, his legs were clipped, the whip waved, and he snorted, and he saw the horses rushing out, behind him . Everyone also quickly followed .

Ying Ying princess did not keep up, but looked at Xuanyuan Moser with a burning gaze: "His Royal Highness, Ying Xue is with you!"

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