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Chapter 1218: 1218
Chapter 1218 I Can Help

“Jing’er, this, you… . ” Madam Ye looked at her daughter who was holding on to the Young Master’s hand and not letting go, she didn’t know what to do .

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Did she have a sweetheart already? Was it this Young Master in red? No wonder, even though she had agreed to marry the Crown Prince and be his side concubine, she had fallen ill . Was she lovesick?

When she thought of this, her eyes couldn’t help but heat up and her tears fell again . Her poor daughter…

“Jing’er, why are you holding on to the Young Master’s hand? This, this is not proper . ” Father Ye said when he saw that Young Master Feng hadn’t pulled his hand away . Instead, he had held his daughter’s hands in his own . He couldn’t help but widen his eyes .

This young boy was too bold, he actually dared touch his daughter’s hands in front of his eyes . This kid! He wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes!

“It’s okay, we are often like this in the academy . ” Feng Jiu said without thinking . After her voice fell, she saw the shocked expressions of Ye father and mother and stinned for a moment . Upon reflection, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud .

That’s right, they didn’t know that she was a girl, they thought that she was a man taking advantage of their daughter!

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“You, you, you two… . . ”

“Ye family head, I am actually a girl . I just like to dress up as a man that’s all . Ye Jing knows . We are close like sisters . ” She smiled as she revealed her identity as a girl to them .

“You, you are a girl?” Ye family head and his wife were very surprised . This young man who behaved like a son from a noble family was actually a girl .

“Yes, that’s right . ”

“Father, Mother, Feng Jiu is a girl . You don’t have to worry that she is taking advantage of me . Cough cough . ” She smiled . She had started coughing only after saying a few words .

“Okay, don’t speak anymore, rest first . ” Madam Ye looked at her worriedly .

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“Let me take a look!” Feng Jiu said . She stepped forward and sat down by her bed and began taking her pulse .

Madam Ye couldn’t help but look at Feng JIu secretly, she has medical knowledge? However, whether she had medical knowledge or not, she was being kind, so just let her be!

“Actually, it’s not a serious problem . She just worried too much and she is depressed . ” She smiled and withdrew her hand: “I will write a prescription for you . She will be fine after taking the medicine for two days . As for the matter you are worried about, I can take care of it for you . ”

“You know?” Ye Jing asked her .

“Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have come . ”

She smiled and said: “I heard the news from a teacher and I had come to congratulate you . Then I found out you were sick so I sent my people to inquire and found out what had happened . You, why didn’t you look for me when you are in trouble? Even if I am not around, my people would have been able to solve this matter for you . ”

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When she heard this, her heart filled with warmth: “I didn’t want to trouble you, after all, this is a family matter . ”

“We don’t have to dispense on ceremony with each other, am I right? It’s not like it’s the first day we met . ” She chuckled lightly .

The two of them chatted while Ye family head and his wife listened at the side, they were confused . What were they talking about?

How could she solve the matter? Why didn’t they understand?

At this point, Feng Jiu turned and looked back at Ye family head and said: “Ye family head, please can you get someone to prepare paper and ink and go to the pharmacy to get the medicine after I write this prescription for Ye Jing?”

“We have a drug storeroom in our residence, we don’t have to go out to get the medicine . ”

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