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Chapter 1217: 1217
Chapter 1217 Hold Hands And Didn’t Let Go

“Yes, I’ve heard . ” She looked at Ye family head and said: “I would like to see Ye Jing . I wonder if it is convenient . ”

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“Young Master Feng is my daughter’s close friend and you’ve travelled from afar, of course that’s fine . ” He stood up and gestured for Feng Jiu to follow him: “Please follow me . ”

“Okay . ” She responded and followed him out to the back courtyard . Leng Shuang and Leng Hua followed behind her .

As Feng Jiu followed Ye family head to the back courtyard, she admired the view in the Ye Residence while Ye family head secretly observed the young boy beside him .

At first, he had thought that this young boy who had come to see his daughter was someone she liked . However, looking at his attitude, it didn’t seem like it . It seemed like as he had said, he was his daughter’s close friend .

But could there be friendship between a boy and a girl? Even if there was, there were probably not many .

Along the way, he asked casually: “Where is Young Master Feng from?”

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“I am from the Phoenix Dynasty . ” She looked back and smiled at him .

“Oh? Phoenix Dynasty? I have heard of them . It is said the Phoenix Dynasty advanced from a Ninth Grade Country to a Six Grade Country within two or three years and is a kingdom of great strength . ”

Her face beamed with a smile and she said: “Well, Phoenix Dynasty not only has great strength, the geographical location is also good and there are many places of interest . If Ye family head ever has the opportunity to come to Phoenix Dynasty, I will entertain you personally . ”

Entertain him personally?

Ye family head was a little surprised when he heard this, it was just too strange . He was the head of the Ye family and this young boy is of the same generation as his daughter . If he really did have the opportunity to go there, shouldn’t Young Master Feng’s father entertain him instead? Why did he say that he would entertain him personally?

Although he had found it strange, he didn’t say anything but just smiled and nodded: “Okay, if there is a chance in the future, I will definitely come to Phoenix Dynasty . ”

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The two of them chatted as they walked and not long later, they arrived outside of Ye Jing’s courtyard . After the both of them entered the courtyard, Ye family head said to Feng Jiu: “Young Master Feng, please wait here . ”

Saying that, he walked up and knocked on the door himself . A young maid opened the door and when she saw that it was the family head, she bowed respectfully immediately: “Greetings family head . ”

“Is Madam also in Young Miss’ room?” He asked .

“Yes, Madam is inside with Young Miss . ” the maid replied .

“Go inside and tell Young Miss that Young Master Feng is here . ” He gestured to the maid who then went inside . He then gestured to Feng Jiu: “Please come in Young Master Feng . ”

Feng Jiu nodded and walked inside with him . As soon as they had stepped inside, they heard Ye Jing’s weak but pleasantly surprised voice .

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“Young Master Feng? Is it Feng Jiu?”

“It’s me . ” She responded . When she walked inside, she saw a beautiful but sorrowful looking lady sitting by the bedside holding on to Ye Jing who was struggling to sit up .

Upon seeing this, she motioned: “No need to get out of bed . You’re weak . Just lie down . ”

“Young Master is?” The beautiful woman looked at Feng Jiu and asked .

“Feng Jiu greets Madam Ye . I am Ye Jing’s friend . ” Feng Jiu said with a slight bow .

“Yes, he is Jing’er’s friend from the academy . ” Ye family head said when he walked in .

Ye Jing was very happy to see Feng Jiu, and she seemed much more energetic . She took Feng Jiu’s hand and said: “Feng Jiu, why are you here? I am really happy but I didn’t expect to see you again . ”

Ye family head and Madam Ye watched in surprise as their daughter held on to the young boy’s hand and didn’t let go . Their speech and the way they behaved was very intimate . In that instant, their expressions couldn’t help but change .

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