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Chapter 1219: 1219
Chapter 1219 What Do You Know

“In that case, then please get someone to take me there! I will go and get the medicine to brew . ”

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After hearing this, Ye family head looked at Ye Jing who smiled and nodded her head: “Father, take Feng Jiu there!” She knew that her father was worried and therefore added: “Her medical skills are very good . ”

“Young Master Feng, no, Young Mistress Feng, please come this way . ” Ye family head gestured .

Feng Jiu followed him outside and saw Leng Shuang and Leng Hua waiting in the courtyard . She said to Ye family head: “Wait a minute . ” She walked over to Leng Shuang and handed her a token, saying: “Go to the Black Market and tell them to take care of this matter . ”

“Yes . ” Leng Shuang responded and left after taking the token .

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As Ye family head didn’t hear everything she said, he had only heard something about the Black Market and handling matters, so he didn’t ask Feng Jiu but took her to the drug storeroom instead .

At the same time, Madam Ye was asking: “Jing’er, where is Feng Jiu from?”

“She is a Princess from the Phoenix Empire . With her here, I don’t think I will have to marry the Crown Prince and be his side concubine . ” Saying that, she revealed a heartfelt smile . She knew that as long as Feng Jiu was willing to help, her family’s problems would be solved .

Mother Ye was a little surprised at what she heard and didn’t quite believe it . However, she didn’t say much seeing her daughter’s expression . She just thought to herself that she would discuss this with her husband later and see what it was all about .

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After Feng Jiu picked the medicine for Ye Jing, she ordered a servant to brew the medicine, then went back to accompany Ye Jing and chat with her in her room . Ye Father and Mother returned to the main courtyard .

At the same time, when the Black Market saw Leng Shuang arrive with the token, they were taken by surprise and ushered her in . The Black Market Chief personally spoke to her and found out what the Ghost Doctor wanted them to do . He then sent an elder to the palace on his behalf .

“Miss Leng Shuang, I have already sent someone to take care of this matter . Please tell the Ghost Doctor she can rest assured that this is not a big problem . ” The Black Market Chief looked at Leng Shuang’s beautiful but cold and emotionless face . After a little thought, he asked: “Miss Leng Shuang, is the Ghost Doctor at Ye Residence right now?”

“Yes, Master is at the Ye Residence . But she doesn’t like to be disturbed, so there is no need to go . You just need to take care of this matter . ” After saying that, Leng Shuang bowed and took her leave: “I’d better go back and report, goodbye . ”

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“Okay, then let me see Miss Leng Shuang out . ” The Black Market Chief said and saw her out personally .

After she had left, the middle-aged man who had been with the Black Market Chief asked, puzzled: “Chief, although the Ghost Doctor has the first-order black token, but we have to do everything that she orders us to do, that’s too much . ”

The Chief glanced back at him coldly and shouted in a deep voice: “What do you know? How many people do you think in all the countries hold a first-order black token? Not to mention, she isn’t just anyone . This is the Ghost Doctor . She refines elixirs and pills for the Black Market to auction . Do you know how much this alone benefits the Black Market?”

He paused, and then continued: “Not only that, even the upper-level figures in the Eight Great Empires think she is very promising . Do you dare to offend her? If we can handle such trivial matters for her, then needless to say, we will do it . It’s not just me, a Six Grade Country Black Market Chief who will be courteous upon meeting her and not dare to offend her, even a First Grade Country Black Market Chief would be the same . ”

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