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Published at 14th of June 2020 08:51:58 PM
Chapter 1177
Chapter 1177 More Than Enough

The sharp air from the sword burst into the air, a stream of air visible to the naked eye hit the throat of one of the Foundation Formation cultivators . At the same time, blood splattered out and the cultivator stumbled backwards without even the chance to scream, he fell into the abyss behind him .

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Immediately afterwards, the swords counteracted and the long sword hit the big knife in the hands of the Golden Core cultivator . Sparks flew out as the force of the sword headed forwards .


The Golden Core cultivator narrowly avoided the deadly attack in the panic . However, his face was still injured by the sword and blood trickled down from the cut . He quickly backed away and wiped the blood from his face and snarled .

“Get him!”

With a wave of his big knife, he signalled the surrounding cultivators to take him down . He stared at the group of teenagers by the side who looked like they were watching a show and got annoyed .

Damn it!

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Those kids were so idle! He will see if they were still so calm when they landed in his hands later on!

He cursed in his heart and started to move towards them . However, the big man had actually kicked a few of his Foundation Formation cultivators off the cliff and killed a few more with the sharp sword in his hand . In less than half the time to burn an incense stick, he had lost more than half his men .

“Ah! Boss, help!”

Some people were still crying for help as they fell into the abyss . Some people were shocked when they saw the situation and retreated out of fear . The more they fought, the more they realised they weren’t his opponent, they exclaimed and tried to escape .

“Trying to escape?”

Bi Shan’s sharp gaze caught sight of them and his foot kicked a stone that flew across and hit the back of their heads .

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They fell to the ground one by one . When he saw this, the Golden Core cultivator took a big step forward and reached for Feng Jiu!

“You dare violate my Master, you are seeking death!”

Bi Shan turned around and saw the loose cultivator had reached out to grab Feng Jiu . His pace turned immediately and he stepped forward and clasped the cultivator’s foot with his hand, pulling him back violently .

Feng Jiu, Duan Ye and the rest watched quietly . Even when they saw the loose cultivator rushing towards them, none of them evaded, as if they knew that man wouldn’t be able to hurt them .

Of course, after all, how could a Golden Core cultivator hurt a Nascent Soul cultivator? In this world, how many evil-doers like Feng Jiu could surpass and kill a Nascent Soul cultivator?

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Dare to make a move against Feng Jiu? Death was too slow for him .

However, Bi Shan’s skill and fighting power was an eye-opener for them . If they were to fight against him, it was possible that they wouldn’t be his match either . He was a true Golden Core Middle-stage cultivator . His fighting skill and power was accumulated from each battle . He had the fighting experience that none of them had .

This kind of fighting power wasn’t obtained by eating elixir pills but was improved through fighting battles again and again . After seeing him in this battle, their opinion of him had changed slightly . Although he was not the most outstanding kind of person, but to be Feng Jiu’s bodyguard, he was more than enough .

Of course with Feng Jiu’s Ghost Doctor identity, she probably had Nascent Soul cultivators under her leadership, This was naturally incomparable .


Shrill cries pulled them out of their thoughts . They saw that Bi Shan had chopped off the arm of the Golden Core cultivator with his sword and kicked him into the abyss behind him . The shrill cries could be heard from below the abyss and echoed in the air……

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