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Published at 14th of June 2020 08:51:58 PM
Chapter 1176
Chapter 1176 See His Strength

A group of people followed the figure in red in front of them and used their spiritual breath with each footstep . Their speed was extremely fast, there was almost no stopping at all . Along the way, they hadn’t met any other cultivators or been attacked by any fierce beasts either . By evening, they had passed through the Tree Spirits Forest and arrived at the place where they had first entered the forest through .

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They looked across at the cliff on the opposite side, and at the group of cultivators on the other side of the mountain .

“Hey hey hey, look, there’s actually a fat sheep coming to the door . ” One of the big men in the group of cultivators grinned, revealing his yellow teeth as he stared at Feng Jiu and the rest .

“I didn’t expect it, they’re just a few kids and they look easy to handle . ” Excitement appeared on another man’s face: ” Moreover, these lads have fine skin and tender meat, especially the one in red who is even more beautiful than a woman . ”

“Damn, I’ve been in this broken place for a year and I have yet to see any beauties, the boy in red belongs to me!” The head of the loose cultivators was a Golden Core Peak-Stage cultivator . His face was covered in horizontal scars and he looked more like a bandit than a bandit did .

“Boss, you’re right . We wait here and we don’t have to go inside to deal with beast attacks . When we see something good, we snatch it . Your decision is really wise . ”

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Another cultivator next to him said flatteringly, his tiny pair of eyes stared at Feng Jiu and the rest with bad intentions .

In their view, these five boys were just teenagers, the big guy was stronger but still only a Golden Core cultivator . The rest of them were only Foundation Formation cultivators, so if they didn’t rob them, they were stupid .

In fact, they didn’t know that Feng Jiu had lowered her strength as she didn’t want to appear too inconspicuous . After all, being a Foundation Formation cultivator at their age was already quite startling .

When Ning Lang, Duan Ye and the rest saw that Feng Jiu had lowered her strength to Foundation Formation, they did the same . Their thoughts on this were very simple, since Feng Jiu had lowered her strength, naturally they wouldn’t show off their Golden Core strength either . Besides, they had hoped to surprise their families after returning home .

Therefore, they had also lowered their strength to the Foundation Formation stage . They just hadn’t expected to encounter these short-sighted people as soon as they had left the forest .

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“Master, stay here and I will deal with them . ” Bi Shan said and pulled out the long sword Feng Jiu had given all of them from his waist, and pointed it at the cultivators in front of him .

“Short-sighted people! Your mouth-smearing words are unbearable!” Bi Shan’s spiritual breath rushed out with bloodthirsty fighting intentions . Although he was a Golden Core Middle-stage cultivator but he had experienced no less than a hundred battles . His fighting abilities were not comparable to ordinary loose cultivators .

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu acknowledged him with a glance and they retreated to one side .

There were only a dozen or so cultivators in the group, and other than the leader being a Golden Core Peak-stage cultivator, the others were only Foundation Formation stage cultivators . It was an opportunity to see Bi Shan’s fighting power .

Ning Lang and the rest stood idly watching the scene unfold before them . Now that Bi Shan was Feng Jiu’s bodyguard, they should also check to see if he was really qualified to stay by Feng Jiu’s side . If his fighting power was weak, Feng Jiu could send him back after they had left this place .

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However, they were a little surprised when they saw the fierce fighting intention and the horrifying intention to kill . His moves were quick and sharp, it was quite unexpected! He had some skill, if he was able to deal with a dozen or so people by himself, he was not bad at all .



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