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Published at 14th of June 2020 08:51:58 PM
Chapter 1178
Chapter 1178 Can’t Be Called Little Fatty If He’s Not Fa

After he put his sword away, the strong body turned around and said: “Master, we can go now . ”

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Feng Jiu nodded and was about to take a step when she saw an excited Ning Lang next to her leaping forwards and picking up the cosmos sacks and all the belongings on the floor . Upon seeing this, she couldn’t help but touch her forehead as her mouth twitched slightly .

This kid was still the same . Which Golden Core cultivator would care for such little things? What Golden Core cultivator would be as greedy as him?

“Ning Lang, you didn’t lift a finger, do you not feel bad taking the things?” She asked casually . She saw the smile on his face stiffened as he looked up at her with embarrassment .

“Hey, I wasn’t going to keep them for myself! Aren’t I counting up the battle spoils for Bi Shan now?” After he said that, he handed over the items he had collected from those cultivators to Bi Shan: “Here, they’re for you! Keep them safe . ”

“This… . . ” Bi Shan wanted to refuse when he heard his Master’s voice .

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“Keep it! Haven’t all your belongings been taken by the mercenaries? It’s just as well you can add to your belongings now and not be empty handed . ”

“Yes, thank you Master . ” He replied and took the things .

“It’s a good thing that I counted up for you . Aren’t you going to thank me too?” Ning Lang snorted .

“Thank you Young Master Ning . ” Bi Shan smiled and bowed .

“That’s much better . ” Ning Lang smiled and looked at the space in front of them . He asked, looking at Feng Jiu: “Are we going across the same way we came over?”

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“Yes, we can . ” Feng Jiu nodded .

Song Ming smiled and walked over: “Look at me . ” He went to the edge and used the same method as before, shooting an arrow across with a rope to help get them across .

Not long later, they all walked along the rope one after another and got across . When they had all reached the other side, Song Ming withdrew the rope . They continued to move forward in the dark of the night . By daylight, they finally got out of this place .

“Ah! The sun is out and we are finally out of here too . I am actually not missing an arm or a leg but gained many things instead . I am so happy,”

Ning Lang’s arms were wide open as he cheered loudly . His chubby body ran all around the mountain road, the joy in his body couldn’t be concealed . It made people smile when they saw this .

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Feng Jiu smiled lightly and said: “Not only are you not missing your arms and legs, you’ve also gained weight . Have you not noticed that your belly is sticking out again?” Her eyes looked down and fell onto his protruding belly .

After hearing this, everyone else laughed . Ning Lang looked down and touched his belly . He said with a grin: “Hey, my mother said this belly is for storing riches . Since my belly has gotten fatter it means that I have made a lot of money recently . Haha!”

“Bullshit . ” Duan Ye shook his head .

“That’s right, have we made less money than you? Why aren’t our bellies as round as yours? If you’re fat, you’re fat . Don’t make excuses . What’s there to hide?” Luo Fei laughed as well and stared playfully at his round belly .

Seeing this, Song Ming waved his hand and smiled: “Okay, okay, enough about him . If he’s not fat, how can he be called Little Fatty? Don’t you all agree? Hahaha!”

Upon hearing this, everyone laughed again . Ning Lang looked like he’d been wronged: “I’m not called Little Fatty . My name is Ning Lang . My name is nice . ”

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