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Published at 16th of April 2020 05:00:06 AM
Chapter 1047: 1047

Chapter 1047: Carried Away In A Sack

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After the two cultivators responded, Luo Fei waved his hand and said: “You can leave now! Don’t disturb me, I want to sleep . I shall sleep till the morning and watch the show . ”

He then turned around and went back into his bedroom . As he was about to close the door, he seemed to have thought of something, hence he turned around and asked: “If I am still asleep when the three of them go looking for the guy in red, just tell them that he was feeling lonely last night and went to the brothel, understand?”

The maid responded with a smile: “Young Master, rest assured, servant knows what to do . ”

“Mmm . ” Luo Fei walked back into his bedroom contentedly and hummed a tune as he climbed into bed . But just before he lay down on his bed, darkness took over his vision and he felt like he was losing consciousness and fell down .

The figure in red caught him and in a flash took him away back to her own room… . .

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In the guest room, Feng Jiu who was clad in red shook every so slightly . She poured herself a cup of water to drink and went to close the window . She blew out the candle and wobbled over to the bed .

The two cultivators who were outside spying looked at each other when they saw this . They had confirmed that it was the right room and waited until it was quiet inside the room before they sneaked inside . They felt their way around the dark room after they entered . One of them held up the blanket while the other threw the sack onto the bed and shoved the person inside . They were afraid of alerting the others and knocked the person out with a blow from the palm before they carried the body out of the room .

The two cultivators hadn’t noticed that when they walked into the room, there was a shadow watching them, smiling as they carried the body out of the room .

Feng Jiu yawned and rubbed her neck before she lay down on the bed . She was finally able to have a good night’s rest . As to the fate that awaited Luo Fei tonight? Haha, she couldn’t care less .

Duan Ye, Ning Lang and Song Ming knew that something was going to happen tonight, therefore, they pretended they were drunk and waited to see what would happen .

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They were staying in the same courtyard as Feng Jiu, but were staying in separate bedrooms . Therefore, the three of them had blown out the candle and gathered in one room waiting . They saw the two cultivators sneak into Feng Jiu’s room and after a while, they came out carrying a sack . The three of them couldn’t help but look at each other .

“They’ve put him in a sack and carried him away?” Ning Lang asked in shock .

Song Ming touched his chin: “I reckon Feng Jiu wouldn’t fall into his trap so easily! Even we could tell that something was going on, there’s no way he wouldn’t know . ”

“Well, did you all notice? Cloud Devouring hasn’t been seen since we got back, he’s probably gone off somewhere sulking . ”

“Yes, this feels like…” Ning Lang scratched his head as he thought about it, then patted his thigh all of a sudden: “That’s it! Just like that time when he dug a hole and made me jump in!”

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Duan Ye glanced at him: “That was you digging the hole and jumping in . When did he dig the hole? Moreover, with your brains, you wouldn’t be able to make him dig a hole . ”

Ning Lang was unhappy when he heard this: “What do you mean by my brains? I’ve got money-making brains, even if you want it you can’t get it!”

Seeing the two of them arguing, Song Ming rubbed his head helplessly: “Enough, what are you arguing about? This has nothing to do with you anyway . I want to ask you if you think the person that was carried away in the sack is Feng Jiu?”

Upon hearing this, they quietened down . They had no idea whether the person that was carried away in the sack was Feng Jiu or not!

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