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Chapter 1046: 1046
Chapter 1046: Intoxicated

The wine bowl had a thick base and a wide opening, it was used for drinking wine . However, wine bowls were rarely used . When he shouted for the wine bowls, the maid quickly retrieved two wine bowls and placed the bowls down in front of them .

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Luo Fei put the wine bottle down and walked over his seat and lifted the jar of wine up and poured some wine for the two of them: “Help yourself . ” He put down the jar of wine and raised his wine bowl signalling for them to drink .

Feng Jiu lifted up her wine bowl and signalled a toast, and then emptied the wine bowl . As soon as the wine entered her body, her eyes flashed slightly and a faint smile appeared on her lips .

“Again!” He shouted joyfully and poured another bowl, continuing to raise a toast .

Everyone watched as they drank bowl after bowl of wine, and they even finished each bowl in one gulp . They couldn’t help but look at one another upon seeing this sight . Madam Luo spoke, her voice full of worry: “It’s not good for your body to drink like this . ”

“It’s fine . It’s not like I drink like this all the time anyway . ”

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Luo Fei waved his hand at her . After two bowls of wine, he was already starting to feel a little tipsy . However, he still poured the third bowl of wine: “Teacher Feng, a toast to you . In the future, if there is anything on my part that I have not done well, you must forgive me!”

Feng Jiu’s lips curved: “No problem . ” And then drank the third bowl of wine .

Duan Ye and the rest looked at each other . They felt that it wasn’t possible for Luo Fei to willingly submit to him . There must be something inside these three bowls of wine . However, even so, the three of them didn’t intend to intervene .

As the saying goes, those who do evil will get their comeuppance . Okay! Although it didn’t seem nice to use the metaphor to describe the two of them, however, meeting Feng Jiu, Luo Fei the sly fox would finally get what’s coming to him .

Even if he refused to submit, Feng Jiu had his ways to make him submit . Like he said earlier, he was autocratic and uneasy .

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By the end of the banquet, when everyone was tipsy from drinking, Madam Luo ordered that the guests and everyone were to be brought back to their rooms to rest .

Master Luo and Madam Luo were very happy with the banquet . Duan Ye, Ning Lang and Song Ming who had accompanied Feng Jiu were waiting for the show to unfold, hence they pretended to be drunk .

Initially, Luo Fei had intended to get Feng Jiu drunk . However, he didn’t expect to get intoxicated himself . When Feng Jiu saw that he had wanted to get her dunk, she played along and drank bowl after bowl of wine . In the end, Luo Fei’s vision was blurry and his face was flushed . When he walked, he felt like he was floating with every step he took and had to be helped back to his room by the maid .

“Young Master . ” The maid looked at him and revealed a smile .

“How long have I been back?” He rubbed his forehead, his head was throbbing .

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“Young Master had instructed me to prepare the sobering soup and wait . From drinking the sobering soup till Young Master waking up, it has been less than an hour . ”

“Mmmm . ” He responded and held on to the maid as he tried to stand up . He walked out of his room and called out . Two cultivators appeared by his side .

“Young Master . ” The two cultivators saluted respectfully .

“Go, go and put that guy in red into a sack and take him to the brothel, then tell them to take good care of him and make sure they entertain him well . ” He revealed an unpleasant smile as he thought to himself, how excellent his reaction would be tomorrow when he woke up from his drunken stupor and found himself in a brothel?

However, at this moment in time, unbeknown to him, sitting on his roof was a figure in red… .

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