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Published at 16th of April 2020 05:00:06 AM
Chapter 1048: 1048

Chapter 1048: The Flawless Swap

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After being silent for a while, Ning Lang said: “I don’t think it’s him . Feng Jiu is a black sheep, there’s only ever him making a fool out of others and never the other way round . Don’t you think so?”

“If that’s not him then who was it? Even though the person was in the sack, it is obvious that it is a person and not something else!” Song Ming said . He seemed to have thought of something and his expression changed to a look of shock as he was about to speak . However, Duan Ye who was next to him had already spoken .

“That person isn’t Feng Jiu, it’s Luo Fei!”

After the words were spoken, the three of them couldn’t help but took a deep breath in as their eyes opened wide in shock: “Oh god, could it really be Luo Fei?”

At that moment, their eyes stared at the dark room, shock displayed across their faces . If that person was indeed Luo Fei, then how did Feng Jiu know that Luo Fei had planned to abduct him?

Was that possible? Even though Feng Jiu was a Golden Core cultivator, there were many powerful people within the Luo Residence! They didn’t doubt that he would be able to come and go as he pleased, after all his strength weird and marvellous . However, it was not easy to carry a person and avoid the sight of the hidden guards within the residence .

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And… .

When the thought of Luo Fei being possibly flawlessly swapped by Feng Jiu went through their heads, the expressions of the three of them became odd .

“Where do you think they have brought the person to? Where did they go?” Ning Lang asked curiously, a hint of excitement flashed across his eyes: “Do you think they have taken him to sell?”

Duan Ye looked at the two of them: “They wouldn’t have gone far . Why don’t we follow them to take a look?”

As soon as he said that, Ning Lang and Song Ming’s eyes lit up and they immediately agreed: “Okay, let’s go and take a look . ” The three of them left the room quietly and followed the men… .

At this time, the two cultivators who were carrying the body out of the Luo Residence still hadn’t realised that they had taken the wrong person . Or rather, they didn’t know that the person they had captured was actually their Young Master who had been swapped without their knowledge .

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“Where are they going? It’s in the middle of the night, we should probably take the side streets . ”

The three of them were following at a distance behind to prevent being discovered . They watched as the two men carried the sack and came to a stop outside a place and entered . The three men stood against the wall as they read the words written outside the place in shock, their mouths opened wide in dumbfoundedness .

“Surely not? They’ve brought him to a brothel . ”

The three of them looked at each other strangely: “It must be Luo Fei . ”

“Shall we go in to take a look?” Duan Ye asked the other two .

“Let’s go . ” As soon as his voice fell, the three men went inside together quietly . They saw the two cultivators had just turned around to leave . Hence they came to the window of the room and peeked through the slit to look inside .

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A woman in her thirties gestured with her hand: “Open up the sack . Let’s see what this free piece of goods looks like . ”

“Yes . ” Two strong men answered and proceeded to open up the sack, revealing the unconscious youth inside .

When the three people outside the window saw who was in the bag, their hearts couldn’t help but gloat .

Even though they had guessed that the person in the sack was Luo Fei, but seeing him wanting to make a fool out of Feng Jiu and ending up being made a fool out of by the black sheep instead, they felt quite sympathetic .

At this point, they were quite curious, what would his mental state be like when he woke up?

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