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Published at 6th of April 2020 05:20:06 AM
Chapter 1028: 1028

Chapter 1028: Are you ready?

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“What’s the point of hiding there? Why don’t you join us?”

When he heard the indolent voice, the man’s eyes were wide open with shock and his startled face was tinged with excitement . He didn’t expect that the young man could say such enticing words . It’s true…it made him so excited .

“Are you talking to me?” He came out of hiding and stared at the handsome young man in red like a wolf .

“Is there anyone else here besides you?” Looking askance at him, she lifted her brows accompanied by a ghost of a smile . Besides him, all the people here were killed by her, unnoticed by this horny evil cultivator .

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All of a sudden, she found that these lewd and obscene people were not difficult at all to solve . She had no idea that they were overconfident, being dazed by lust .

“What about the two women? Why didn’t they come out? ” The male cultivator approached step by step, his excited eyes were fixed on Feng Jiu .

Feng Jiu’s lips curved up . She spoke meaningfully . “Ah, those women! They couldn’t get up, still flat on the bed!”

“Hahaha, I can’t see that you are so fierce…ugh!”

He laughed . Before he finished speaking, his eyes opened wide . With a smothered groan and some astonishment, he stared incredulously at the young man in red who came approaching him suddenly . His chest was in pain, his body stiffened and his throat was blocked . He knew that this was not an illusion, but that the young man really came in front of him and gave him a fatal blow in a flash .

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“Go in and accompany them!” Feng Jiu turned around, pushed that stiff body inside . She pulled the dagger out that moment . Looking at his sprayed out blood, that male cultivator breathed his last unwillingly . After his death, his eyes were wide open, as if still in disbelief .

Also, he was a Foundation Building late-stage cultivator, while Feng Jiu revealed her level at the Foundation Building early stage . The people here mistakenly thought that Feng Jiu was still at the Foundation Building cultivator . Nobody would expect that she’s already a Golden Core mid-stage cultivator .

It was child’s play for a Golden Core to kill a Foundation Building cultivator . In terms of speed, the Foundation Building cultivator would never outpace the Golden Core . Not in a million years .

Feng Jiu closed the door and concealed the room’s bloody smell . When she walked toward the exterior and saw light smoke floating upwind, she smiled and stepped outside .

“Feng Jiu!”

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Song Ming strode over and looked around . “There are too many people guarding the front door . We can’t leave from there . I found a small path to get out of here . ”

She threw a bunch of keys to him . “Go, save the people in the cage . Take them to the path, let them leave first . ”

“Yes . ” He quickly opened the cages with the keys, rescued the people inside, and took them to the path .

“We are back . ”

Not far away, Ning Lang and Duan Ye came quickly . “We lit the fire at several places where there was the upwind . We also killed the evil cultivators that we met along the way . There are no more people in this area . ”

“Mm . Let’s go to the main hall . ” She looked at them deeply . “Are you ready? Those people won’t show you any mercy . If it doesn’t work well, we’ll die . ”

Duan Ye nodded . “We know, don’t worry! Although we are not as strong as you, self-defence is not a problem . Moreover, I have a contract beast to help . “

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