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Published at 6th of April 2020 05:20:07 AM
Chapter 1027: 1027

Chapter 1027: As pretty as flowers

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The woman was doubtful . “Have you really decided to join us?”

“Do we have any other alternatives?” Song Ming said with a smile . “Besides, I think it’s very good here . There are beauties everywhere . ”

Hearing this, thinking back on Song Ming taking advantage of them from time to time on the journey, the woman had no suspicion . She wrapped her hands around his neck and smiled . “You are right, you really have no other choice…”

Then her body went stiff and hung limply in Song Ming’s arms, unable to speak a word .

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Song Ming held the woman in his arms and looked up at Feng Jiu . She was scanning the surrounding, saying, “Take her away, I’ll handle the people around here . ”

“Be careful . ” Song Ming warned and supported the incapacitated woman and went away .

The place where the vessels were confined was isolated from the other side with about a dozen people guarding it . Two of them were Foundation Building cultivators . It would take some efforts to dispose of these people quietly .

So, she approached them stealthily . If it could be settled quietly, she would . After all, there were only women inside .

After disposing of those dozen people quietly, she approached the two remaining female Foundation Building cultivators . However, before she could come closer, they had already spotted her .

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“What are you doing here? What about the two people who led you? ” They asked Feng Jiu with knitted brows .

Feng Jiu smiled and eyed them quietly . They were two of the five female Foundation Building cultivators she had saw earlier in the palace hall . With a smile, she explained, “After coming out of the toilet, I lost track of them . I am not very familiar with this location and lost my way, so I’m here to ask . ”

The two people looked at each other, then their gazes fell on the red robed and elegant Feng Jiu, revealing a charming smile: “I seem to remember that your name is Feng Jiu?”

“Yes . ”

After giving this answer, she asked, “Senior sisters, can you let me in to drink a cup of water?”

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“Coming in? Hahaha, aren’t you afraid of us devouring you?” The two giggled flirtatiously . They obviously looked like they were in their thirties, yet they were still attracted to young and tender youths .

Feng Jiu chuckled and scanned their voluptuous bodies that sent out a mature and amorous aura . She remarked with a smile . “Both Senior Sisters are as pretty as flowers . If Feng Jiu is really to your liking, isn’t it Feng Jiu’s blessing?”

“Annoying . You’re truly a good talker . What a glib tongue!” They looked at her, acting sulky . One of them clasped Feng Jiu’s robe with her fingers lightly . “Get in!” She cast coquettish glances at Feng Jiu and said, “Close the door . ”

“Yes . ” She answered softly and her smile deepened . She followed them into the room and closed the door .

Shortly after the door was closed, an emaciated and grizzled Foundation Building man stared at the closed door and chuckled . “It turned out that he’s a hypocrite . Bah! I couldn’t tell that he has such a big appetite . ”

Soon after, he heard two soft groans and some thumping sounds . While he was still wondering, he saw the young man in the red robe come out and straighten his collar . As he stepped out, he stood still, looking at where he stood, with his arms crossed and they very next moment, his indolent voice rang out .

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