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Published at 7th of April 2020 05:00:06 AM
Chapter 1029: 1029

Chapter 1029: Like a God Slayer

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Ning Lang also patted his round stomach and grinned . “Indeed . I’m a Foundation Building cultivator . I can’t deal with those Nascent Soul old monsters, but I can still deal with those at the same level . If I can’t deal with them, I’ll run! I’m not going to stand still and be killed . ”

Feng Jiu smiled . “Okay! Follow me . ” They went to the main hall together .

The people in the other area were clueless about the operation to rescue everyone on this site . When Feng Jiu and the other three came at the front, the person who met them asked, “Why are you here? What about the two who took you around? ”

“They said that something’s come up and told us to stroll around on our own . ” Feng Jiu smiled and moved her hand . At the next moment, the two men at his side, Ning Lang and Duan Ye swept out in a flash . The cold glint of the swords attacked those few evil cultivators at an undetectable speed .

The sword rose, the blade’s glint appeared and the killing intent overflew .

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Everyone around was shocked, followed by shouts filled with rage . “What a nerve!” When a dozen cultivators besieged and attacked the three of them, Duan Ye murmured, “Flame Lion!”

At this command, the Flame Lion at the divine beast level sprang out of its spirit beast space . Its four legs trod on top of the flame, pouncing at those evil cultivators .

Feng Jiu, hand these people over to us . ” Duan Ye decapitated an evil cultivator with his sword and the blood splashed out . His ruthlessness was prominent at this moment .

Feng Jiu nodded at them . “I’ll leave you with most of these people . Wait for the medicine’s effect to work, then you’ll be okay . ” As she moved along, she killed several of the evil cultivators on their behalf .

The movement here alarmed the people above, especially the three Nascent Soul cultivators at the main peak . The huge massacre followed by the reek of blood made the three of them shocked and angry .

“What the hell has happened! Who’d dare to stir up trouble at our Silk Tree Sect!”

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A disciple hurried in and reported . “It’s Feng Jiu and those few others! They let go all the people we captured and our disciples where the vessels were kept were all killed, even three Foundation Building cultivators were slain . ”

The three Nascent Soul cultivators were astounded . “How could it be? How could they have killed the Foundation Building cultivators in silence? ” They quickly went outside and looked down the mountain . They were both apprehensive and furious .

“This…weren’t they all drugged? Without the antidote, how did they condense their spirit energy breath?”

At the foot of the mountain, the figure in red looked most dazzling . She went up, as though there was nobody else present . When she encountered disciples who blocked her way, everyone was killed in an instant . Especially, when they saw the cold glint of the Qingfeng sword on her hand, they were shocked .

“The Qingfeng Sword!”

“It’s actually the Qingfeng Sword!”

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“How could he own that Qingfang Sword! Who the hell is he?”

The three exclaimed with shock . They were startled to see the figure in red holding the Qingfeng Sword . It was an ancient sword that had been missing for many years . How did she get it?

They watched the young man in red come all the way with his sword in hand . It was as if he was a God Slayer who left no one alive along his path with corpses strewn in disarray on the ground . Their amazement suddenly returned to their senses .

If this went on, all of their disciples would perish!

At this thought, the three women lifted their breath and swept out toward the red figure that had come their way .

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