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Chapter 65

Taoqiu squats inside one of the stalls. She’s playing on her phone when a burst of noise errupts. Several girls enter the toilet.

She just wants the girls to be quiet until she accidentally hears An Chuxia’s name.

”After hearing An Chuxia sister’s lecture, I suddenly feel like we are not that stupid. Those are difficult problems, but her analysis? Tut, tut. Very good. Are some of the topics stacked as problems only?” A tired voice befalls Ying Taoqiu’s ears.

Ying Taoqiu puts her phone back into her pocket, leaning closer to the door to listen to the dialogue.


I am confident now. I think tomorrow’s complex test can be answered.” Another excited voice answers.

“And… I also think the city will be pleased when they evaluate class A since we will be number one.”

“That is, of course, if you study the formula. Can you recite it back to me again?”

“What is so difficult? An Chuxia sister said the formula is simple, that even if you have brain damage, you can remember it if you give yourself a moment to think. Here, I’ll repeat it back to you… .”

Their voices start sounding farther and farther until they

they can’t be heard anymore.

She has to piece together the information she just heard. Were they talking about taking first place in the city test?

Isn’t there a saying, “When pigs fly”?

Ying Taoqiu finishes her business, walks out of the toilet, and heads over to see Mo Xinwei.

“Ying Taoqiu, are you saying An Chuxia is a fool? Engaged in what ghost?” Mo Xinwei puts a hand on the chest. She and the girls behind her take out perfume from their bags and start spraying.

The once unscented toilet now suddenly smells like Chanel.

“I’ve just found out that it is the

is the school’s long-term goal to improve the scores of students in the first year class. It is determined by which class gets the highest average within the city. An Chuxia’s result got the distinct honor for their class. I died laughing when I heard that.”

This is the first time Mo Xinwei hears the news. Her brow wrinkles. “Say again about the class?”

“That’s what I heard. Mainly, An Chuxia is now the class teacher. She stands on the podium and gives them lectures!”

“You didn’t talk to her?” Mo Xinwei laughs disdainfully. “I have to tell this funny story to funny story to Han Qilu and see his reaction.”

Mo Xinwei hurries out.

Ying Taoqiu shrugs. She thinks about the class being ranked first in the city. Then, she bursts into laughter. The absurdity is just too funny!

“Han Qilu!” Mo Xinwei heads into year two Class A. Qilu is in class with Luo and Yu.

“What?” Han Qilu asks boredly, as he fingers through the pages of the car magazine. He’s disappointed she’s interrupting him.

”I’ve heard the biggest joke of the year. An Chuxia is in the class.”

Hearing An Chuxia’s name, Ling Hanyu and Xiao Mingluo immediately start listening.

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