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Chapter 64
CHAPTER 64 With My Fist I’ll Tutor

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

A/N: Rebirth- a second chance

The boys fall to the ground, grimacing. One by one, they stare at her in disbelief. They never thought An Chuxia is the hands-on type.

“How about it? Standing still?” An Chuxia provokes the boys on the ground. “Stand up again!”

The boys try. They will their bodies up but An Chuxia pushes them back to the ground… Deliberately.

“Listen, no one will ever give you the chance of rebirth. Look at our class. We are singled out as it is, and that’s just now. Once we

reach adulthood, people won’t say, ‘stand up again’. You will be ruined before you stand up, and any trace of your identity will be erased.”

The boys fall into thought.

A wave of applause breaks the tension. She doesn’t know who led it.

She offers a hand in front of the boy and smiles. “Come on, I believe you can solve the problem. They’re just a few questions.”

The boys look at An Chuxia. They take her hand to stand up. “An Chuxia, I will take the re-test and get that full score for you!”

”Well,” she says with a smile. “It’s never too late.

late. I’ll show you the easiest way to analyze the problem. I’ve decided that if anyone did more than three questions by the time the retesting takes place, I will use my fist to tutor.”

This is more ruthless than running… .

That afternoon, year 1 Class A sits quietly while listening to An Chuxia break down the problem. She analyzes the subject methodically, not in depth, but enough to come to a solution and apply a technique needed to solve the problem.

Even the class teacher benefitted from her review.

In full disclosure, An Chuxia’s mother was a teacher. However, she didn’t graduate from

graduate from university because she lacked the funds to graduate. Instead, she took the opportunity to be a kindergarten teacher.

An Chuxia believed her mother could’ve been a professor. This is why An Chuxia cannot regret being sent to this school to graduate.

Chuxia’s teaching methods, of course, was of her mother’s.

“Margaret sister, isn’t that An Chuxia?” Ying Taoqiu asks as they pass by An Chuxia’s classroom. They are surprised to see her at the podium.

“Strange, why is she at the podium?” Ying Taoqiu takes a few steps back, and accidentally sees the class teacher sitting with relish, listening to An Chuxia give the Chuxia give the class a lesson.

One of the girls with Ying Taoqiu says, “I’m headed to the toilet.”

Thinking for a moment, Ying Taoqiu says, “I’ll walk to the toilet with you. Margaret, tell Xinwei to come over. Say An Chuxia seems to be engaged with ghosts.”

“Okay!” Margaret heads to class A and runs upstairs.

Ying Taoqiu stares at An Chuxia because she was threatened by the young master! Her festering hatred won’t make her forget!

She takes big strides to the bathroom. She must’ve eaten something spoiled since she’s got diarrhea.

At the end of the corridor, An Chuxia decides to let everyone rest.

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