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Chapter 66
Countdown to the Fourth

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by newbienoona and anks

“Say that again?” Han Qilu coldly interrupts Mo Xinwei.

Mo Xinwei’s mouth continues to twitch. “This is exactly my point! Their class just took the simulation test. Their result ranks them first in the city! And all this change is because of An Chuxia!”

Xiao Mingluo listens in annoycance. Why does Mo Xinwei look down on people? He knows it’s ineffective to attack her on the spot. He has to look for other opportunities.

“And An Chuxia, instead of the teacher, lectures on the podium! Who does she think she is? The Virgin

Mary?” Mo Xinwei says with a look of disdain.

Ling Hanyu expels a dry cough, just enough to make Mo Xinwei feel very uncomfortable.

“Miss Mo Xinwei, you don’t seem to know one thing,” Ling Hanyu lifts an eyebrow. “You may not know what Han Qilu knows.”

Xiao Mingluo smiles and says, “An Chuxia has become a legend. She won Stein’s Simulated General Month exam with full scores. Her branch points… .”

Her face blackens. How come Ying Taoqiu didn’t tell her this?

“That’s impossible! I’d believe it if she’d come to school sooner, or if she was a seventh year student who had maids read to

to her.” She obviously doubts Xiao Mingluo’s statement. Subconsciously, Xinwei knows Mingluo and Hanyu stand on An Chuxia’s side. She doesn’t understand why.

Ling Hanyu also glances at her mouth and eyes. “You doubt all the other students in Stein are talking about her? In addition… you come to our class to talk to Han Qilu. An Chuxia’s name is not allowed to be mentioned in front of him.”

“But I didn’t expect you to debrief the world’s headlines like a military adviser.” Xiao Mingluo laughs.

“Yes, Mo Xinwei, I heard that in the simulation of your whole section, you ended in the bottom four of

four of your class. Really, congratulations to you!” Ling Hanyu gloats.

Mo Xinwei stares at him fiercely but dares not to respond.

Qilu remains stoic. They’re unsure if he even heard a word.

The class bell rings. Han Qilu suddenly stands up and walks.

“Han Qilu, where are you going?” Xiao Mingluo and Ling Hanyu catch up. Mo Xinwei quickly turns out of the class and walks. She would like to ask Ying Taoqiu if she knew An Chuxia got full marks in this matter.

She kicks second year’s B classroom door. The once bustling classroom instantly becomes quiet.

“Ying Taoqiu!” She strides in front of her. “Did you know “Did you know An Chuxia took the first year simulation of the general exam and got a perfect score?”

Ying Taoqiu shows confusion. All morning, she was more concerned about her diarrhea and not trivial matters like this.

“She didn’t make a mistake?” Chuxia got a perfect score. She was in the bottom five of the class. It’s low but she tested better than Mo Xinwei.

Finding out that Taoqiu didn’t know about that tidbit of information made Mo Xinwei really angry. “You’re saying you didn’t know despite the whole school knowing? You’re not taking An Chuxia’s side and deliberately humiliating me in front of Han Qilu, right?”

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