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Chapter 63

Dissatisfied, she frowns. “I can’t hear you. Didn’t you eat lunch? Again, do you hear me?!”

“We hear you!” This time everyone summons the courage to answer.

“If that the case, let’s review the questions. If you don’t understand how we got to the answer after the review, come and ask me later. However, don’t ask me about it when we take tomorrow’s exam. Every time we finish a topic, head to the playground and run five laps.”

“What? Did I hear you correctly?” Some of the students doubting her statement dig

their ears with a pen.

“Oooh, why do I have to do it?” Girls start crying helplessly. The class is a mess.

An Chuxia frowns. Are they stupid? As long as they attempt, they can do it! The problem lies in the subject, not the grade. The questions aren’t that hard to understand.

“I refuse to run, An Chuxia,” a boy stands up against her. It seems he didn’t understand what she’s trying to convey.

The teacher sitting in An Chuxia’s seat becomes restless. He makes it clear to the class: 10 questions a day, three

three at a time.

A student shakes his head and stands up. “An Chuxia, classmate… ah forget it. I’m at the bottom of the class. This isn’t a big deal. I still would inherit the family business.”

Being in a school for the rich means no matter what their test results are, the students’ future are limitless. Since they end up inheriting the family business, all they have to do is spend a few moments in college.

“I won’t give up and you should decice not to give up so easily either,” she firmly

she firmly states. “Don’t give up on yourself before I give up on you.”

The classroom falls into silence once more.

The boy who stood up tilts his head, dissatisfied with her response.

“An Chuxia, please do not think we are magical. We are people who don’t test well. What don’t you understand?”

She sneers at the excuse. “Who is destined to be God? No one. God does not exist! There is only one choice: degeneration… or rebirth, if you are magical.”

She walks slowly toward the boy with a dissatisfied look. “How do you want to you want to settle this? If you win, there’s restitution. But if I win… .”

“No, you will not win!” The boy cuts off her words. He doesn’t believe a little girl can beat him at his game.

“If I win, the class must unconditionally obey all the tasks I set!” She stands tall, her chin protruding like a queen with self-confidence.

“Fine,” with his voice lowered, the boy falls back to his seat. An Chuxia gently bends at the waist.

This is impossible! Almost all the students mentally scream while their eyes flash questions of doubt.

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