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CHAPTER 431 Wild Adventure (5)

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The sky gradually darkens, and the the trio hikes and takes breaks until the sun completely sets. The sun has disappeared, and they still have to reach the cabin. However, no one gives up. They have no other choice.

"I'll carry you." Han Qilu, who's been walking ahead of them, suddenly stops and turns toward An Chuxia.

An Chuxia's heart breaks as she looks at his sweat-stained face. It is a look she remembers seeing on her mother's face when she worked overtime, and she'd greet her early the next morning.

The look he gives her is strikingly similar.

"You don't have to." An Chuxia unconsciously takes a step back. She has become timid. Since her mother’s passing, she no longer allowed herself to care. She's afraid that if others care for her, she'd eventually see them leave.

She doesn't want to confess what's in her heart, but she's still afraid of losing.

Han Qilu looks at her badly. "I'll carry you on my back. Do you know your face is as white as a sheet of paper?"

Xia Xinyu has long noticed An Chuxia's face get paler and paler. It might be from the wound she got this morning, and it's now inflamed and causing an infection. She didn't say anything, thinking Han Qilu already knew.

She hopes An Chuxia would die this way. She is going to die sooner or later.

"I'm fine, just a little tired. Don't worry about me. You already have enough to carry. How can you carry me? Keep going. It's getting dark, and if that's not bad enough, we still have to reach the cabin."

Han Qilu frowns at An Chuxia since she didn't jump on his back.

An Chuxia knew something isn't quite right for a while now. Moving has been getting more and more difficult. She's getting really tired. Han Qilu and Xia Xinyu were ahead of her, and she needed to catch up. She doesn't say anything. Later, she feels cold despite the big sun over them. She shouldn't be freezing.

The only explanation is that she has come down with a fever.

It's definitely not good to have a fever at this point. However, she doesn't want to be a burden. She has to hold on for as long as she can.

"An Chuxia jie, you don't look well. I'll come back to you. Let me just tell young master Qilu." Xia Xinyu takes a few steps before Han Qilu re-secures a backpack against his body.

His eyes scrutinize Xia Xinyu. Then, he looks at An Chuxia. Without emotion, he says, "She doesn't want me to carry her on my back."

After making the statement, he takes the backpack from Xia Xinyu and puts it on his shoulders. He turns and doesn't look at An Chuxia.

The young master's temper flares again. An Chuxia sighs as she takes a deep breath and picks up her pace.

Xia Xinyu walks behind An Chuxia. Her expression turns peculiar.

As the dusk falls rapidly, she looks at the horizon. Her mouth swells into a cold arc, and her arms lock. In her heart she says, It's time… 

"Let's turn here." Xia Xinyu suddenly says. "I have a hunch this road leads to the cabin."

CHAPTER 432 An Chuxia Faints

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Han Qilu stops walking; his expression, off. His eyes fixate on Xia Xinyu.

She looks embarrassed. She reaches out and touches her face as she asks, "Is there something on my face?" Han Qilu's strange gaze makes her heart race and her breathing, shallow.

"No." Han Qilu shakes his head. "I just think I've met you before."

His statement would've made any woman swoon. Anyone can tell his approach is classic and refined. But this isn't a place to flirt. After all, they're in the middle of a forest.

What's more, An Chuxia still stands in the way. Despite her pale appearance, she summons enough strength to ball her fist. She wants to attack Xinyu, but making such an impulsive move would just attract a*hole jokes from Han Qilu.

She groans as she presses her ashy lips together, putting a lid on her emotions.

Xia Xinyu's face turns red, appearing to be shy. Her eyes dart to An Chuxia.

Han Qilu's words stupefied Xia Xinyu, making her feel strange. Han Qilu balls his right hand and coughs to break the uncomfortable silence. He continues to look at Xia Xinyu. "What makes you think this road leads to the cabin?"

"I don't know… intuition?" Xinyu answers.

"Just take the road." An Chuxia felt a similar intuition. Or maybe it's because this road looks like the same road they traveled before. All the roads are starting to look the same.

Ten minutes later, An Chuxia feels exhausted and raw. This road doesn't lead to the cabin. The road ends, and there's nothing but trees of varying size and shape. They look like monsters wanting to swallow her.

"[Let's] Go back." Han Qilu says after being silent. He doesn't hesitate.

"Wait!" Xia Xinyu suddenly shouts and jumps excitedly. "Han Qilu, what's that dark shadow over there?"

Elated, Xia Xinyu isn't afraid of affectionately clutching on Han Qilu's arm. Han Qilu looks at the direction Xinyu points at. He feels there's no need for her to shake his arm.

An Chuxia's heart beats, the earth feels like it's turning into powder.

Suddenly, her eyes blur, everything looks like mist.

Maybe it's tears, An Chuxia thinks as she closes her eyes. Then it seems like she has no strength to open them. Her head feels like it's getting heavier and heavier… .

Can't she hold on longer? This is the last conscious question she asks herself.

Her body falls to the ground.

"An Chuxia!!!" Han Qilu notices An Chuxia crumple to the ground. He suddenly shakes off Xia Xinyu and runs toward An Chuxia. Xia Xinyu's face turns complex and terrible.

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