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CHAPTER 429 Wild Adventure (3)

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Xia Xinyu deliberately strings Chuxia along by prolonging the word "just".

"Just what?" An Chuxia loses her patience.

"I just like young master Han Qilu. So sometimes, disliking An Chuxia is a byproduct. I hope you don't mind."

Xia Xinyu smiles sweetly, but her intention is very clear. She didn't lie about anything.

It explains the discomfort An Chuxia feels. Xia Xinyu doesn't like her because she likes Han Qilu. If that's the only reason, An Chuxia feels relieved.

Finally, she has some peace of mind.

While her wound gets treated, she sees Han Qilu return. An Chuxia has lived with Han Qilu under the same roof for so long (although not familiar enough to know when he lifts his foot to pee) that she can tell by looking at his cold expression that he can't find the damned flag.

However, Xia Xinyu isn't as quite familiar with Han Qilu. When he returns, he immediately shoves his bangs from his forehead.

"Master Han Qilu, did you find it?"

"No," Han Qilu faintly replies despite not looking her way. Instead, he walks to An Chuxia and says, "Can you hold it?"

An Chuxia immediately comprehends Han Qilu's question, inquiring if her injury is serious. Despite a dull, tingling sensation, she's not a flower that grew up in a greenhouse.

She smiles easily. "Do you think I'm the kind of person who can't tolerate it?"

Han Qilu looks deeply into An Chuxia's eyes, and it changes. He seems to be struggling. However, he finally breaks the gaze and looks forward. "Don't regret it."

Ten minutes later, An Chuxia understands what he meant.

They still have a long way to go, but once they started out, the path got more difficult. The trees are bunched up closer. The greens are lush and tight. The forest definitely feels oppressive.

Both An Chuxia and Xia Xinyu are breathless despite the fact they're not carrying any bags. Han Qilu, who bore the load, is slightly reddish, but his breathing is stable.

Is this the difference between boys and girls?

An Chuxia clenches her teeth and takes the lead in the path. "This isn't the way to find the flags. We have to calmly analyze where they can be hidden. Otherwise, wouldn't this be no different from looking for a needle in a haystack?"

Xia Xinyu wipes off her sweat. She is so tired, she sits on a stone without saying anything.

"What do you think?" An Chuxia locks eyes with Han Qilu when Xinyu doesn't speak.

She watches him plop the items he was carrying onto the ground before handsomely taking out his mobile device from his pocket.

Mobile… phone?

An Chuxia's eyes widen. "Weren't we forbidden from bringing any gadgets? Why wasn't that confiscated by the teacher?"

Han Qilu shoots her a gaze that says, "Who would dare confiscate his device?" He looks down to the device before searching through the address book.

"Hey, it's me. Help me check the location… . Hey! What are you doing?" Han Qilu tried calling his people to get the location of the flag. But before he can transmit the request, the device was taken from him.

CHAPTER 430 Wild Adventure (4)

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Don't do anything!" An Chuxia's conscience takes over as she takes the mobile device and states her command. Then, she takes the device and throws it away. The poor cell phone bounces off the ground a few times. No one knows whether the device survived the impact.

Xia Xinyu's back stiffens as her heart beats rapidly. She wants to say something but she is afraid she'd make the situation worse. She maintains her original posture and watches the scene in front of her unfold.

"What do you mean?" Han Qilu is rapidly getting upset. His handsome brow wrinkles. "If you throw away the phone, how could we… ."

"I'm telling you, Han Qilu." An Chuxia stares at him, arms akimbo. "You said you're a grown up, but yet, you're being rude. If we win through cheating, wouldn't it eat up your conscience? I think I'd rather lose. I thought you're always smart and upright. Is it that I've misread you and you're hiding your true self?"

"You… ." Han Qilu clenches his teeth as he stares at An Chuxia, willing to stare a hole through her.

She is good and consistent, and that's what makes her smart. An Chuxia suddenly changes her expression and smiles as she walks forward. "Oh my dear young master Han Qilu. We'll continue to work hard and we'll eventually succeed, okay?"

She extends her right hand and makes the OKAY gesture.

Han Qilu freezes her out with a harrumph, but his expression eases. He really can't get angry at Chuxia. It's easier to admit defeat.

After a while, the sun eventually rises to noon. The three take a break and take out bread and water from their backpacks, prepared to fill their stomachs.

"Actually… " Xia Xinyu wipes the water from her lips. "Before attending this event, my family's servants surveyed the area for me. There is a cabin if we go west."

"Cabin? That's not natural around here. Is someone living there?" An Chuxia looks at Xia Xinyu doubtfully.

Xia Xinyu nods and continues. "The house is made by a former Snake Mountain villager. It has since been abandoned. There might be a flag around there."

"Great!" An Chuxia happily claps her hands. "You should've said something earlier. I was so worried that we won't find a flag."

Xia Xinyu shakes her head after hearing An Chuxia. "I'm not sure if there's one. After all, wouldn't it be too obvious if a flag is hidden at a cabin?"

"No," Han Qilu, who's been silent for a while, suddenly speaks up. "Stein students are spoiled."

"Are you talking about yourself?" An Chuxia can't help but interrupt. When she sees his face, she hurriedly shuts her mouth. "I didn't say anything. Continue… goon."

Han Qilu coughs and continues. "They planned the event not to make it too difficult. After all, this is an activity, not a treasure hunt. The cabin would be the best place to find that flag. Let's go there to try our luck."

An Chuxia and Han Qilu glance at each other while simultaneously pointing at each other.

This makes Xia Xinyu uncomfortable. But the feeling was fleeting. Her mouth pulls to a strange smile….

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