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CHAPTER 433 Kidnapped by the Super Rich

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia wakes up to a sore and splitting headache. Her hands and feet are tied, and she's sitting on the ground. She wants to open her eyes, but the light is too bright, and it's taking her a few moments to adjust. She closes her eyes and waits for the brightness to be bearable.

Then, she hears footsteps. It seems someone is approaching. An Chuxia quickly pretends to be unconscious on the ground.

The footsteps stop not too far away, and the door opens.

The door… An Chuxia's brain keeps turning. There's an issue: aren't they participating in the wilderness adventure? If they're deep in the forest, why is there a door?

She suddenly remembers Xia Xinyu saying she saw the cabin before she lost consciousness. It's very likely they're in the cabin.

But why are her hands and feet tied?

She doesn't think too deeply. As she listens, the person who opened the door has since arrived and collapsed. She can hear the sound of pant legs swishing as a person languidly strolls.

"Why aren't you waking up? Shouldn't you have woken up once the fever broke?" She's heard the man's voice before but she can't place it.

"The wound's been treated, and the inflammation has subsided. The fever has broken. Maybe she overexerted yourself. She should wake up soon."

It wasn't necessary for her to hear his accounting of events. But she can tell the other voice is Xia Xinyu's! Did she have her kidnapped? But why? There isn't a reason for Xia Xinyu to hate her this deeply. Besides, where is Han Qilu?

Despite having a million questions in her head, she continues to remain still.

"This is for the best. I don't want her to die yet. You know, she plays a crucial role," the man says coldly. Next, he raises An Chuxia's chin. Then… .

He kisses her!!!

The other person lets go of An Chuxia when she didn't react. But An Chuxia can still feel the man's lips against hers. The man uses the men's perfume, Imperial Majesty. She remembers the scent from when she and Jiang Yuan were catalog shopping. When Jiang Yuan read the review, she decided to order it for Han Liuhai.

Imperial Majesty. There are only 10 bottles of the cologne produced, and each bottle is $215,000. Once the cologne was purchased, the bottle was delivered to their house in a Bentley. It's only a bottle of cologne, this kind of delivery made her angry. It is why she remembers the scent. It costs hundreds of RMB!

This means her kidnapper is not the run-of-the-mill kind. Anyone who can afford Imperial Majesty is an extraordinary kind of kidnapper.

And that peculiar kidnapper kissed her.

"Master Jue, you… ." Xia Xinyu momentarily replies to Nangong Zijue, leaving An Chuxia shocked. She's rendered speechless for a while.

CHAPTER 434 He's Actually the Kidnapper

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Nangong Zijue laughs, but there is coldness in his smile. Xia Xinyu can tell he has some deep-seated hatred.

"I just want to know why this woman is so sought after that two of my opponents are groveling at her feet," Nangong Zijue says coldly.

They may think she is unconscious, but An Chuxia is aware of them, and the fact she has been kissed by a super rich kidnapper! She clenches her fist, but she resists from talking back to the man.

"I think it's just that your opponents' eyes are bad. I didn't hide my hostility toward her, and she still wasn’t vigilant. Even when I was disinfecting her wounds, she didn't question the medication I used. You see, neither of your opponents are that smart."

"Get out!" Nangong Zijue frowns in displeasure.

Xia Xinyu has seen Nangong Zijue's fury hundreds of times. She has witnessed men who have betrayed him lined up in front of him. Their hands and feet are shackled, and then chopped off with a hatchet. That was considered a light penalty. She has seen his harsher punishments like being staked and buried alive… .

Despite stating the truth, she leaves without saying a word. In her eyes, she finds Nangong Zijue the most intriguing man in the world… No, he's Satan.

Darkness covers the cabin as Xia Xinyu walks out of the room. She knows that in the darkness, Nangong Zijue's men will ambush anyone who comes. She takes a deep breath before hiding herself in the dark… .

Calmness falls in the room once Xia Xinyu leaves. However, An Chuxia doesn't dare move, aware of Nangong Zijue's eyes on her. The palms of her hand start sweating. Has he realized she's awake?

She doesn't care! She quietly grinds her teeth. She hates the fact she's being stared at, despite being fully clothed. Maybe she should just develop thick skin… .

"Is it true that you're stupid like Xia Xinyu claims?" He says it more like a statement. An Chuxia thinks for a few seconds, trying to comprehend him. If she was him, why would she suddenly ask if she's stupid?

Is he stupid? His family is stupid! An Chuxia starts picking on Nangong Zijue's ancestors.

"Smart women know that they shouldn't pretend to be unconscious." His voice is suddenly close to her ear. An Chuxia is caught unaware, and there's no way to hide her surprise.

"Oh, I'm not smart." An Chuxia opens her eyes slowly, and all she sees is his face magnified N times!

Inhaling the cold air, she can't do anything but slightly lean back since her hands and feet are tired.

This man called Master Jue looks exactly like Nangong Zifei! They could've been from the same mold!

"You're not… Nangong Zifei?" An Chuxia whispers in disbelief.

He faintly smiles and says, "Well, it's me."

At this moment, An Chuxia feels like a dim bulb.

Why is Nangong Zifei being called Master Jue? Why did he kidnap her again? What's Nangong Zifei's relationship with Xia Xinyu? She seems to be afraid of him. Also, shouldn't Nangong Zifei be in the hospital?

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