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CHAPTER 393 Do You Abuse Employees?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"You are my wife, my stuff is your stuff. I am dedicated to you. Of course, you can take the special elevator." He pinches An Chuxia's nose. Of course, when he does it, the elevator stops and the doors open to the employees.

After the employees witness the scene, they are dumbfounded.

An Chuxia turns her head hurriedly. His eyes secretly smile as he glances. When An Chuxia realizes the elevator doors are about to close, she immediately steps forward to press the "Door Open" button. She smiles to the people on the other side of the door.

With a friendly smile, she says, "Come in! It's empty."

The people panic, but immediately calm down. They take a step back and look at her in amazement.

An Chuxia is confused. Why won't they come in? She touches her face. Is there something terrible on her face? She doesn't think so…. .

"Close the door." Han Qilu is much calmer than An Chuxia. In his heart, An Chuxia is an idiot. He IS the boss, standing in the elevator. What employee isn't scared of death?

The elevator doors close again. This time, she doesn't press the "Door Open" button. Maybe they want to go up. But why are they paying attention to her? Standing in the lift makes her feel awkward.

The elevator stops several times, and as the doors open, the employees stare at them in horror. No one dared step into the elevator. Some of them scream and faint.

"How can I die?" An Chuxia looks at Han Qilu. "Do you abuse your employees often? They seem to be afraid of you."

Han Qilu doesn't speak. Finally, the elevator doors open to the first floor.

Ding. Someone with a stack of papers in his hands accidentally drops the pile with a thud when he sees An Chuxia and Han Qilu standing side-by-side in the regular elevator.

"President!" the receptionist squeals in surprise. Her sight drops to An Chuxia by his side.

She smiles in her heart when she sees the receptionist's miserable expression. She turns and smiles at Han Qilu and rests her hand on his shoulder. "You don't need to see me off. I can return by myself."

Han Qilu freezes, and out of his periphery, he sees An Chuxia eye the receptionist. Looking at the horror at the receptionist's face, he assumes something happened between An Chuxia and the receptionist prior to her arrival to his office. He reaches out and hugs her around her slender shoulders. His smile spreads on his lips. "Be careful. I'll have my people send you home."

"Okay," she replies. "Go back to work."

He takes the opportunity to lean over and drop a soft kiss on her lips. He whispers soft enough for only An Chuxia to hear. "Do you need me to fire her?"

An Chuxia can tell Han Qilu was able to read her expression regarding the receptionist. She admires his IQ in these matters. She shakes her head again. "No."

She takes a step forward, and away from Han Qilu. "I'm leaving."

As he watches her leave the hall, his indifference is restored.

He walks straight to the front desk where the receptionist completely starts breaking into cold sweat. "Next time, address her as the president's wife."

CHAPTER 394 Who Will Cherish You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The receptionist's face gets even more mortified. She bows her head stiffly. "Yes, president!"

She just realized… she got schooled by the president!? Once she sees Han Qilu enter the special elevator, she sighs softly.

On the other side, Xiao Mingluo takes his cell phone as he walks down the hall, pacing.

On one hand, his older brother asked him to meet him at home, while on the other hand, the principal asked him to go to the airport to pick up the protagonist of the evening's party. Two sides… one is his brother who never took the initiative to see him, while the other is the college's principal. Although the principal was offended, but a promise is a promise. He doesn't see the argument in breaking a promise.

He can't afford to lose face… .

The thought of having other people help him pick up [the transfer student] isn't reassuring. He can't get in touch with Ling Hanyu. Han Qilu would be even more hopeless. The only one he can count on is An Chuxia, and he doesn't dare call her now. Should he still bother Han Qilu?

But as he tries to solve his dilemma, his phone suddenly rings. Strange enough, it's An Chuxia's name that flashes across his screen.

He hurriedly presses the answer button, and soon enough, he hears her pleasant voice. "Xiao Mingluo, is there anything I can do for you?"

An Chuxia sits in the car looking so serious… .

"Han Qilu isn't with you?" Xiao Mingluo asks first. She shakes her head. Then he says, "My good An Chuxia, help me pick someone up at the airport! Oh you have to keep your promise, you owe me!"

On An Chuxia's side, she holds the mobile in her left hand, while her right hand drums her fingers on her right leg. "You are asking me to help pick someone up from the airport? Or are you asking the president?"

"The president my ass! I've already stressed him out. Anyway, you need to pick up the new transfer student. He's the mystery guest to tonight's banquet, but I have to go see my brother. You know my [familial] situation. It's not something easy to escape."

Xiao Mingluo rarely has this tone, one that sounds very lost, but pretending that everything is okay. An Chuxia's eyes turn dark. She knows about Xiao Mingluo's brother, and because Mingluo's father insisted on handing over the inheritance to Mingluo, since then, their relationship has not been harmonious.

"Fine, I'll keep my promise!" It's not a big deal to pick up the transfer student. However, would this happen to be the mysterious transfer student that Fei Lixiya and Meng Xiaonan were betting on?

Xiao Mingluo is relieved to hear her response. However, he is still anxious, and squints at her. "You actually consent? You're not teasing me?"

An Chuxia rolls her eyes. "I'm not teasing you. But have you ever heard of the saying, "There is no such thing as a free lunch"?"

He knew An Chuxia is smart and won't do anything without vested self-interest. He sighs helplessly. "Let's say, xiaonainai, I'll promise you something in return!"

An Chuxia almost chokes on his words. "This is rare! Just remember, you owe me something, and no matter what happens in the future, you can't refuse. Understand?"

"I know," he promises despite a slight hesitation..

By this time, Xiao Mingluo's car arrives at the Xiao's residence. Xiao Mingluo can see Xiao Mingyuan through the glass window. His expression, blank. His adam's apple bobs up and down as he says to An Chuxia, “Dadong Airport. If you leave now, you will arrive before his plane touches ground. He'll be wearing the school uniform, so you'll be able to recognize him. I'm hanging up first.”

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