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CHAPTER 395 The Mysterious Transfer Student Is…

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia turns off her phone and pockets it when the call ended. She says to the driver, "Please go to Dadong Airport."

She hears the driver say, "Good."

The car turns around a corner and heads toward the opposite direction (of home).

She didn't forget about Meng Xiaonan and Fei Lixiya, so she calls them. The both respond with a scream, and tell her they're taking the bus to the airport. An Chuxia smiles. These two are really funny.

Her face reflects against the car window, her thoughts drift afar. She wonders what is happening between Xiao Mingluo and his brother… .

The Xiao house boasts modern architecture. It has a wide tennis court, and currently, the sky over them is dark, without a single breeze blowing. Xiao Mingluo and Xiao Mingyuan face each other, a net separating them. Xiao Mingluo's exquisite face smirks. "The wind isn't blowing today. I would hate for people to catch me playing a game of tennis."

Xiao Mingyuan's eyebrows crease before he relaxes them. He and his brother may share a face, but their eyes are completely different. While Mingluo's is peach-shaped, his is more strict and rigorous.

"I've thought about it, Xiao. The inheritance should be yours." His younger brother is trying to be the bigger person, trying his best to please him. For him to inherit the Xiao's, he has to play the game, but in his eyes, all he sees is his parents' love for his younger brother.

Xiao Mingluo's face tightens. "Ge, what's wrong?"

"For a man to distinguish himself, he has to change his ways!" Xiao Mingyuan frowns again. "I heard you've been playing tennis recently. Let's get a few rounds in."

Clenched in one hand is a tennis racket, while the other hand tosses the tennis ball into the air. Both share a similar appearance on the Xiao court. Neither wants to give in.

The scenery outside the window appeared as if it's going backwards. Finally, the car stops. An Chuxia steps out of the car. Dadong Airport is relatively small, and only a few passengers emerge. As she gets out of the car, she sees two taxis park.

"An Chuxia!"


Both voices call out to her simultaneously. Meng Xiaonan and Fei Lixiya glance at each other before walking up to An Chuxia.

"You two," An Chuxia can't help but state. "Can't you mature? I called both of you so you won't fight at school. Look at you two, you look stupid!"

Both are silent after being scolded.

"Excuse me… ." An Chuxia hears a familiar voice, and immediately makes her straighten her spine. When she turns around, she sees the dark green hair. He dons the uniform, and despite the hot sun, his eyes look cool and deep, letting people know he's dangerous.

Both Meng Xiaonan and Fei Lixiya stare, and both of them almost drooled at his appearance. How can a boy have such good skin… 

Fei Lixiya forgets to breathe. It turns out that he is The Prince.

"You.. ." An Chuxia points at Nangong Zifei in surprise. If she's not misinterpreting [the situation]. he's wearing the Stein uniform.

Nangong Zifei doesn't even look a little surprised. It seems like the only one he expected to see is her. "We meet again, Chuxia."

CHAPTER 396 Dare Ignite the Boss' Fire?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: Interesting flashback…

An Chuxia calms down after the initial meeting. She smiles. "Oh… so you're the transfer student we are supposed to pick up?"

"Yes." Nangong Zifei looks at her deeply, recalling the moment when she touched a nerve, and changed him.

In a dark bar, a man sits on the sofa, lighting a cigarette. His eyes are fixed on the dance floor as a couple, who are high on ecstasy, writhe like mating scorpions.

"Hello, hello! The ancestors don't look down on you thrice. You borrowed cab fare from me days ago, and now you can loan me an Audi. That's not bad!"

An Chuxia's voice echoes in his mind. Her pure, clear, but stubborn eyes imprint themselves in his mind. Nangong Zifei's careless demeanor changed. When did he start missing her?

Smoke rises from the cigarette pinched between his fingers. He was about to get up when a flirtatious girl in a red dress sits on his lap and deliberately strokes Nangong Zifei's chest, waiting for it to ignite.

The red lips move, the woman's lips spread to a hint of a smile. "Handsome, tonight… ."

"Get lost!" Nangong Zifei spits out coldly. The writhing couple becomes still.

The woman doesn't know what provoked him. Her hands cleverly wrap around Nangong Zifei's waist. "Handsome, don't be angry… Why don't we get to know each other?"

"Fuck! Shameless slut, do you dare ignite the boss' fire, looking for death?!" Jiao Daihu has just reached the door when he sees the shameless woman draped on the boss, and a raging fire immediately rises in his heart. It's a big fire. Before, it didn't faze him when he arranged for numerous women to be brought to the house on a daily basis. But the situation has changed.

The boss has a partner, and as the boss' most loyal man, he is optimistic for his sister-in-law's relationship. He wants to keep his boss' body chaste!

A few men stride toward the woman. She was yanked away and slammed to the ground. The woman's elbow hits against the floor. "Ouch!"

"Ouch?" Jiao Daihu sneers. "Boss, I'll take care of this woman for you! Just say the words. Do you want me to break a hand, or both?"

The woman's eyes widen in horror. Her lips tremble. "No, I don't dare, ge. I will never appear in front of you again!"

Jiao Daihu looks behind him, and the men immediately grabs the woman's arms and picks her up from the ground.

"Maliya jie!" A crisp voice is heard. Unconsciously, Nangong Zifei looks behind him. A relatively conservative girl runs into the bar and looks at the woman with concern. "Maliya jie, what happened to you?"

The eyes… his eyes become hazy. The eyes are very similar to An Chuxia's.

"Go," He orders, and then, Nangong Zifei turns and leaves.

Jiao Daihu looks at the woman named Maliya with disdain. "You're lucky our boss spared you. Remember, there won't be a next time!"

"Yes!" Maliya says thankfully. The men let her go, and she tumbles to the ground since her knees got weak. The other girl hurriedly reaches out for Maliya.

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