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CHAPTER 391 Most Unfortunate Man

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

He glances at her with a withered look. Then, he lifts his foot and kicks his shirt aside as he heads to the water dispenser. When he walks back to his desk, he finds the dark red lunchbox on the floor. He squints at his desk and stares at the lunch his secretary got for him. His eyes change, and he finally raises his lips. "Are you hungry?"

She realizes he isn't talking to himself. An Chuxia's hand unconsciously rubs her stomach like she's hungry. She's not… Okay, she is really hungry!

Taking her silence as a response, Han Qilu pulls down the handle of the box and disassembles the kit on the table. His face softens, and says, "Wife, let's have our love lunch together."

An Chuxia turns crimson and her eyes focus on his. "You're such a man. You don't know anything at all!"

Although it took this much for her to be persuaded, she reluctantly walks over to the sofa, and sits behind the coffee table. He may have invited her for them to eat together, but Han Qilu just hurriedly ate a few mouthfuls before continuing to approve the documents. He gave her the rest of the lunch. It's safe to say she ate three servings herself.

This kind of fullness is something ordinary people won't be able to understand. So when Han Qilu is finished with his documents, she has already fallen asleep on the table. He's slightly annoyed, but with lithe movement, Han Qilu moves next to her, leans over and moves the strands of hair that have fallen over her sleeping face.

In her sleep, she seems insecure. Her brows are wrinkled. His wife shouldn't look like a sorrowful elderly woman sleeping for over half a year.

Han Qilu feels distressed. All he wants to do is leave her a kiss on the forehead.

Her phone rings.

Damn it! Han Qilu curses in his heart while An Chuxia suddenly opens her eyes. She's slightly confused. But when she sees his face so close to hers, her confusion turns into surprise.

"What are you doing?!" She suddenly stands up as she frowns at him.

A man who failed at a sneak attack! Damn the ringtone.

Han Qilu purses his lips and points to her pocket. "Just wanted to let you know your phone is ringing."

An Chuxia hears the ringtone, and presses the answer button. On the other side of the phone is Xiao Mingluo's flat voice. "How's it going, An Chuxia? How did the love-lunch date go? Is little Han Qilu happily dancing? No need to say thank you. Can you just owe me a favor?"

"Owe you nothing! If you do something this boring in the future, you can see the king himself!" An Chuxia doesn't answer with good spirits. Dancing? This bastard, Qilu, has emotions that fluctuate. She is left sleeping on the table, and she could've been left to die there needlessly.

"A girl shouldn't swear!" Xiao Mingluo shamelessly chides her. "An Chuxia, see my true intentions… ."

CHAPTER 392 He's Virtuous

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia has no patience to listen to Xiao Mingluo. Instead, Han Qilu snatches the mobile from her hand.

Pressing the phone against his ear, his eyebrows knit unpleasantly. "Xiao Mingluo, what do you want?"

When Mingluo hears Qilu's cold voice, he becomes frightened. But he turns on his cheekiness and says with a smile, "I don't want anything. Just wanted to remind you and An Chuxia about tonight's party. Bye."

A mechanical beep signals the end of the call.

Han Qilu hands the mobile back to her. Her lips part as she is about to say something when a knock is heard from the office door. He says loudly, "Come in."

Secretary Xiang opens the office door and says respectfully, "President, the Shunfeng company's president is on the phone. He hopes you can sign the contract now."

"Now?" Han Qilu looks at An Chuxia with surprise. It's not easy for orders to come from Shunfeng, but if he hurries this up, they could get to the party sooner.

He hesitates, and An Chuxia opens her mouth. "What are you doing? Go sign the contract. I'll head home in the Han vehicle. Mommy told me that she has prepared everything for you, so go hurry and sign it."

Han Qilu deliberates as she takes a step away. At her third step, he grabs her wrist forcefully. She turns just in time to bump against him.

"I'll come as soon as possible. If you feel uncomfortable at the party, you can stay with Hanyu." With those words, he leans over to kiss An Chuxia's cheek. The secretary turns away in envy.

The president has always looked cold-blooded. Even when he praises others, he has a poker face. But his face is so gentle to this young lady. She truly is envious!

"I know." Her face feels hot. She turns and walks away.

He stares at the door as it automatically closes. He takes a few steps forward. "Prepare the document so I can sign the contract. I'll return soon."

"Yes, president," Secretary Xiang says, panicking as she bows. As she straightens up, the president's shadow has disappeared. He wants to see his wife off. What a virtuous man…

An Chuxia walks alone to the elevator. She looks at the elevator's "President Only" sign and clamps her mouth. She dare not enter it again, or the receptionist will kill her!

"Hey!" The elevator door dings and slowly opens. She steps in, and as it closes, Han Qilu sticks his foot out to prevent the doors from shutting. He awkwardly smiles at An Chuxia. Why did she use this elevator when there's one dedicated [for the president's use]?

"I'll send you off." He naturally takes her right side, and presses the button to the first floor. The doors slowly close, and the elevator goes down.

"Don't you see how powerful you are?" She snorts, with irony in her tone. "You have your own private elevator."

He remains silent. He doesn't know what she means. He is about to inquire when she looks at him. "No one else can use it, and if you do, the consequences are bad."

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