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CHAPTER 389 My Wife is Jealous

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

An Chuxia can see from her face that she is completely exhausted. Behind her makeup, she is exquisite. She can capture the hearts of birds and beasts. An Chuxia blinks, and recognizes the beauty is Xiang Mankuai.

She looks at how beautifully Mankuai is dressed. She is wearing a red shirt, a black miniskirt and black stockings. The neckline to her shirt is half-open, and the second button is missing. An Chuxia realizes her hair is a mess.

"It's Miss Chuxia." Mankuai's fingers are painted red, making them more noticeable. An Chuxia knows Mankuai is deliberately attempting to bait her.

"How astute." An Chuxia smiles sweetly, hiding her anger and the sadness in her voice. She has always been able to mask her emotions.

Mankuai doesn't seem to notice anything, smiling, despite being unpleasant. "Looking for Qilu?"

An Chuxia is rendered breathless when she hears Han Qilu's name. It was hard to reign in her mood. She smiles, not answering her question. "When did you get back to China?"

"An hour ago." Her scent permeates the hallway. "He's taking a shower. You can go in and wait for him."

Then, An Chuxia hears Mankuai walk away in her high heels. The large string of silver tassels swing.

"She turns out to be a friend of the president." The secretary turns to see Mankuai leave before smiling at her. "I'm sorry for being rude. Please come in. Do you need me to bring you a cup [of tea]?"

The secretary's voice gets An Chuxia out of her fugue. She politely shakes her head. "Please don't trouble yourself."

After saying those words, she stiffly walks in to the room. The president's office is large and spacious. There is another door to an inner sanctum. There is a sign on the door that states: President's Lounge.

Like a ghost, she sneaks to the door to the president's lounge. She presses her ear to the door to listen. She hears the sound of water flowing. The insulation between the rooms is bad. She frowns as she leaves the meal she brought on his huge desk. She is a mess in her head, and she can't help but sneer as she looks at the "lover's lunch".

She doesn't know why she's sneering. She turns to leave, but after taking three steps, her wrist is yanked forcefully. She is pulled into a familiar embrace.

His arms are still hot and wet.

"When did you arrive?" Han Qilu rests his chin on top of her head. His warm voice sounds comfortable.

An Chuxia frowns. She grits her teeth before pushing him away. "I just arrived."

Han Qilu sees the black and red lunchbox and lifts it. Then, he drops it. It's a bit heavy, but when it hits the surface, it didn't make much noise.

"Don't misunderstand. Xiao Mingluo sent me with this thing, saying you're starving to death, and I'm just kind enough to bring it." She pauses. He just smiles at her.

"Looks like my wife is jealous."

CHAPTER 390 Can't Live Without You

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

He takes a closer look at An Chuxia, truly pleased with himself. Immediately, an unknown fire lights up in his chest. "Oh, my wife! Why are you so jealous? Why should you be jealous? Don't be so opinionated!"

She isn't stunned. Instead, she lets out a boisterous laugh, trying to pretend she isn't angry. He looks at An Chuxia and he can tell she ran into Xiang Mankuai.

"She came back this time to sign a contract. She's the new spokesperson for Han Group for our new online game. She was being mobbed when she was waiting at the airport, so I brought her here to wait things out. I sent her back to her hotel room." His explanation is quite sincere.

An Chuxia's brows knit, but she doesn't say anything. She is unreasonable when she quarrels with him. What's more, she has no right to make trouble. Han Qilu wraps his arms around her tightly, and the tip of her nose inhales his unique scent.

"Don't leave me. I can have anything, but it seems… I can't live without you, okay?" Han Qilu has always been proud, but at this moment, he is humble. An Chuxia is speechless.

They fall into a comfortable silence for a long time. The secretary knocks on the door and witnesses their embrace, letting out an 'Ah!'. The documents in her hands fall to the ground, making a noise.

An Chuxia hurriedly shoves Han Qilu away. She tries to cover her red face behind her bangs. Han Qilu acts like everything is very natural. He presses his lips against her wrist. He sits down on the swivel chair behind the desk before tugging her over, forcing her to sit on his lap. Her back is against him, and his chest is still warm.

"I'm sorry, president!" Secretary Xiang picks up the documents from the floor.

"Please get me a shirt."He looks at the blushing An Chuxia. "When I was at the airport, I got into an accident and my shirt got soaked."

He's explaining to her why he had to take a shower. He's trying to give her some peace of mind. An Chuxia makes a face and ignores him.

"Yes, president." Secretary Xiang puts the stack of documents on Han Qilu's desk. "This document is urgent. I hope you can sign it quickly. It has been proofread."

Han Qilu nods, but doesn't forget to inform her, "She is the president's future wife. If she wants to come to my office, send her in immediately."

The blush on An Chuxia's face deepens. She elbows Han Qilu but he hardly moves. He reaches for the pen and the document, and starts signing.

The secretary, who is standing at his side, is upset for interrupting them. Fortunately, she's been a secretary for many years. She quickly recovers from the stunning announcement. She grabs the file and turns to leave. She closes the door behind her.

If this news leaks to all the single girls in the company, she wouldn't know how many of them would be sad. Secretary Xiang pulls out a phone to call for his clothes to be sent. Melancholia hits her. The good-looking president actually has a sweetheart. Although it's a pity that the lady has long eyelashes and clear eyes filled with stars. She isn't aware of how comfortable they look together.

The CEO's woman is good.

"Hey–." An Chuxia struggles in his arms. "Have you been taught to speak so directly?"

Han Qilu signs the last document and sets the pen aside as he stands up.

An Chuxia takes a few steps back, thinking he was going to do something to her. Who knows, he actually… .

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