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CHAPTER 387 Don't Want Him

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"And what?" An Chuxia naturally asks.

Xiao Mingluo shakes his head before sighing. "You don't know from the way he looks that work has become his life! Especially after Mankuai… ."

He was only halfway through his statement when he realized what he said. He stops himself and covers his mouth, trying to look innocent. He didn't mean for An Chuxia to hear what he blurted, but he doesn't really care to censor himself.

An Chuxia doesn't care about him, so she shrugs her shoulder and says, "But do you want me to get a bento box now? Or is it too late?"

"You don't have to worry at all!" Xiao Mingluo says as he raises his hand and snaps. Immediately, someone approaches them with a red food box and hands it to An Chuxia.

There is something wrong with her expression. Doesn't the lunch box indicate that Xiao Mingluo is confident that she'd go and serve Han Qilu with a "love lunch box"? She wants to refuse the meal, but she recalls Xiao Mingluo's statement.

You don't know from the way he looks that work has become his life!

Suddenly, a pang of guilt stabs at her chest. Is it sad this makes her feel anxious? It's like she's seeing her mother teach and still look for part-time jobs to make ends meet. Because of that memory, her hand trembles as she takes the box from the stranger's hands.

The moment the stranger looks up, he mutters something to Xiao Mingluo. The boy just disappears! On the contrary, the stranger who handed her the bento box respectfully states, "Miss Chuxia, Han Qilu's office is on the 21st floor. I will take you to the front desk. Please follow me."

Finally, her eyes look in the direction the silver-white Mercedes disappears. She internally groans.

Come on! Can't you just take the bento box, open it and have this "lunch of love"? If you really want to do this, just turn off your thoughts!

"I'm sorry to trouble you." She politely nods and smiles as the man walks before her.

After passing through the revolving door, she follows the man to the front desk. As he talks to the receptionist, she looks at the company. From the outside, it looks very grand. But it is even grander inside. The people walking in the lobby look very formal. Their faces are rigid, giving an impression that this company never makes mistakes.

"Well, since there's an appointment, I won't have to take you to the president’s secretary. You can go ahead by yourself." The receptionist looks at An Chuxia. She scorns at her for a moment when she sees the red lunch box in her hands, but she immediately restores her poker face.

Customer service here is really bad! An Chuxia is unhappy, but her mood recovers quickly. After all, she's wearing a school uniform, and she's carrying a lunch box. It would be stranger for someone not to eye her with scorn.

"Go ahead, miss."

[Author: Because I owe too much manuscript, The Devil's update will be slower. In no means does this mean it's getting abandoned~ it's just about to enter the final stage, and The devil is not far from the end. Thank you for your support!~]

CHAPTER 388 President's Office

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Sorry to trouble you." An Chuxia bows slightly as the person in the elevator gets off. She gets in, carrying the lunchbox with her. Just when she is about to press the button on the golden panel, she suddenly hears the loud clicking of high heeled shoes on the floor. It is the lady from the front desk running toward her.

"Is there something… ." She frowns at the receptionist. She was close to tears when the receptionist looked down on her earlier. She is filled with horror and rage. The people around them start staring in horror too.

"Don't you have eyes?" The receptionist says harshly. "Read those words well."

She looks past her slender finger, coated with black nail polish. A gold-plated sign hangs on the wall on the right side of the empty elevator. The plaque is inscribed with the words: President Only.

An Chuxia is about to explain to the receptionist that she wasn't paying attention when the receptionist says, "If you used that, I would have to take full responsibility! Then I'll be fired. Will you bear my loss?"

Using the lift dedicated to the president will get the receptionist fired… An Chuxia understands and gives her a sincere apology. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. This is the first time I've been here and I didn't see the sign. I won't do it again."

Seeing that An Chuxia is apologetic, the receptionist has toned down a bit. However, she's still upset. "Next time I'll show you where to clearly enter."

"Okay." An Chuxia forces herself to nod. Just as the regular elevator doors open, the president's elevator doors open as well. The receptionist turns and walks away, her heels clicking on the floor. Relieved, An Chuxia enters the elevator filled with several people.

The elevator is very quiet, and the only sound heard is the occasional shuffling of paper. People leave and enter the elevator as they reach their respective floors. She is the last person to leave the elevator.

She hears the elevator chime, "Twenty-first floor."

The doors open slowly. She walks out, and realizes the floor is a bit different from the others. The carpet hues are darker, but more atmospheric.

She takes a few steps before entering the president's office. There is a gold-plated sign with the inscription "President's Office" staring back at her. If her mother didn't save Han Liuhai, she wouldn’t be at the Hans, and she wouldn't have anything to do with this place in her entire life.

"Hello, may I help you?" The secretary sitting by the president's office asks. An Chuxia looks at her. She is beautiful, polite, and better than the receptionist on the first floor.

"I’m here to see your president." An Chuxia just finished saying when the president's door opens and a female emerges.

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