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Image courtesy of Tencent Video CHAPTER 381. Kissed By the Pig

Translated by newbienoona

Proofread and edited by greenapple

Han Qilu's arm suddenly wraps around her midsection, while the other arm cradles her neck. She turns toward him gloriously, hugging him like he's her salvation. As he lifts her slightly above water level, the water cascades past her collarbone.

A drop of clear seawater travels down her clavicle, sending him just the right kind of temptation.

"You bastard!" She says, surprised and angry. A series of emotions change quickly on her face. When she finally faces him, her anger turns into a roar.

But despite her efforts, her roar comes out as a cry.

"I'm sorry!" Han Qilu's eyes are filled with joy. He didn't expect her to really care about him. He assumed that any hopes of her loving him is slim, but this, this definitely isn't the case… .

As he tries to adjust her in his arms, she shifts, taking in more sea water.

Cough cough! Water enters her nose, making her feel uncomfortable. The unscrupulous instigator starts laughing. He keeps his hand on her midsection as he gently lets her feet touch the ground.

In retrospect, this day is, actually, magical…


Days later, after An Chuxia has adjusted back to China's timezone, her life returns to normal. She gets up at five in the morning to update her story. After an hour of writing, she clicks on the PUBLISH button and runs to Han Qilu's room.

"Damn you, pig, Let me rest first!" She has exhausted all her strength by waking up early to earn money (by writing), and by playing tug-of-war with Han Qilu's quilt. And this guy sleeps like a pig. But when he says he is asleep, he holds on to the quilt tightly with one hand and doesn't let go.

So, is he asleep or awake?

She can't really tell. The point is, because of her exhaustion, this dead pig kissed him early in the morning.

Her blush recedes and she pushes him away. She calmly whispers, "When was the last time you'd bathed Batian?"

"Well… ." Han Qilu starts to think, shoving his hair from his forehead. Arrogantly, he says, "I'll let you know if you kiss me again."

"Die!" She picks up a pillow and throws it at Han Qilu. Unfortunately, he firmly catches it, making An Chuxia grimace.

She turns to leave the room. He quickly grabs her hand and continues. "I'm joking. Why are you so serious? Maybe two days ago. Why do you ask?"

She looks at him with a blank stare and says, "Have you forgotten? The day after tomorrow is the field trip. The school has given us all day tomorrow to prepare. I've decided… ."

He can't help but shudder. "You won't be… ."

His gorgeous eyes snap as an angelic smile forms on her lips. "You've guessed it! I want to try this out! I heard there's a small, red flag that we need to capture. You think Batian would be able to find it? Hahaha… ."

"You wish!" Han Qilu faintly glares at her. "The little red flag… ."

"Fine, fine." An Chuxia impatiently waves her hand. "Let's go give Batian a bath now!"

Speaking of which, she used to be particularly afraid of dogs, but after living with the Hans, she has adapted. She has gradually become less afraid of Batian. She can finally play with him.

CHAPTER 382 Batian Kissed Her

Translated by newbienoona

Proofread and edited by greenapple

If marking time is important, her impatience has thought of a thousand ways to kill Han Qilu.

Unfortunately, wasting time thinking about his tardiness has to wait..

When Han Qilu is headed toward the bathroom, he can't help but see An Chuxia run down the hall. Steward Han was about to ask what happened about Batian's bath. =.=

"I haven't given a dog bath before. Do I rub the soap directly on him after getting him wet?" Since the butler is idle, An Chuxia pulls him over to have him teach her how to bathe the dog.

After hearing her question, the steward can't help but smack his lips and respectfully say, "Xiaonainai, wait a moment."

When he turns and leaves, An Chuxia squats before the dog and converses with him.

She really minded when she was called xiaonainai when she first arrived. Now, she isn't quite as repulsed. Instead, the endearment sends a strange feeling through her heart. It is embarrassing, but not uncomfortable.

While waiting, steward Han brings over another servant who's carrying a big box filled with items.

"What's this?" An Chuxia pats the dog's soft head before getting up and meeting with the steward. The dog excitedly swings his tail behind An Chuxia.

"This is the shower gel Batian likes to use. This is to make sure the dog doesn't stink. And this makes the dog's fur smoother… ." The servant holding on to the box filled with toiletries explains the items to An Chuxia.

It surprises An Chuxia that the dog has special toiletries; not to mention that the maid refers to the dog as the "young master's son". The title makes her shudder.

Steward Han notices the change in An Chuxia's expression. He waves his hand and sends the servant away after the box has been set to the side.

"Xiaonainai," steward Han says, smiling. "You can choose a shower gel to use on Batian. Do whatever you like."


An Chuxia washes the dog with a shower gel covered with daisies. Suddenly, colorful bubbles form on the soft fur. Batian, more than likely, is used to taking baths. He is quiet and still as he takes a bath. He looks at the bottle and sniffs it before smelling the gel on An Chuxia. His face is leveled to hers and steals a kiss from her.

This is what Han Qilu sees as he dons on his clothes and walks out into the hall. He is so angry at An Chuxia, he pulls her away. "Did you forget that we have school today? Why did you decide to bathe the dog? Aren't you a smart student? Do you think a smart student would forget and be late?"

What happened to him? An Chuxia looks him in the eye before looking at his wrist. "I thought I had more time!"

"I can't depend on you! Go wash your hands and have breakfast!" Han Qilu frowns. He looks at steward Han. "Handle this issue for me. I'll take care of it later."

"Yes, young master." Steward Han doesn't show emotion, but his eyes are twinkling with a smile.

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