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CHAPTER 383 Sad For the First Time

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"Let's go, young master's son." Steward Han pulls the bubble-covered dog.

Poor Batian can tell his master is in a bad mood, and danger is imminent. In self-preservation, the dog quietly follows the butler. From time to time, the dog looks back at Han Qilu. The dog's eyes plead, "Master, I won't do it again. Please spare me."

An Chuxia's expression is equally sad. This is the first time in her life she's bathed a dog, and it's quite fun. Sadly, this is also the first time she's caught playing, [and by doing so,] killed by the devil. [See the chapter title, and stare at the wall for ten seconds!]

"What the hell are you doing?" She watches the butler walk away before impatiently turning her eyes to Han Qilu. "I'm finally getting along with Batian. You know I used to be afraid of dogs!"

Han Qilu doesn't listen to her. He just looks at her and asks, "Do you know if Batian is a bitch or a male dog?"

Of course she knows! However, why is he asking her this?

She hesitates. She blushes as she replies, "I know Batian is a male dog. When I was playing with him yesterday, I accidentally… brushed against… his little brother."

She is blushing so much, it reached the tip of her finger.

The devil's face crumbles, like he consumed three hundred stools. He grabs her chin and forces her to look at his gloomy face. She frowns as she faces him.

"You're so… ." Halfway through his statement, he stops himself. What he could've said can be detrimental. In the end, he drops his hand and says, "Forget it. I lose to you."

"What's wrong with you?" An Chuxia is puzzled. True, she gave the dog a bath, but it shouldn't make his cross.

With thoughts in his head, Han Qilu turns and slowly walks down the hall. An Chuxia looks at him as his eyes look beyond the horizon. She can see his handsome face; the kind that gives people nosebleed.

She hears him whisper, "Well… I hear dog meat is delicious."

Eh? An Chuxia is stunned. She doesn't understand what he means. It was only after finishing breakfast did she understand what he meant. He's now sitting opposite her, drinking milk. He should've eaten a while ago. Was he waiting for her?

"Han Qilu." A smirk comes across her lips. "Were you implying… ."

"No." Han Qilu may be muttering, but he quietly looks at Jiang Yuan and adds, "If you dare think like that, we will eat dog meat for lunch."

"Han Qilu!" An Chuxia calls him out in discomfort. What he said is excessive, and stingy! Humph!!!

Then he sips the last of his milk before wiping his mouth with a napkin handed to him. "I always keep my word."

"You… ." You win.

CHAPTER 384 Curiosity Killed the Cat

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: I can't tell you what ** means. The author literally didn't spell it out.

An Chuxia closes her mouth, turns, and walks out of the hall. She didn't even tell Jiang Yuan "I'm done eating" or "Mommy, I'm headed to school".

"Oh, Han Qilu, why do you mess with An Chuxia? If your wedding is missing a bride, don't say your mother didn't warn you." Jiang Yuan licks a small piece of toast before shoving it in her mouth.

Throwing the napkin aside, Han Qilu pushes his chair away and stands up as he stares at his mother. "Well, for someone so old, you don't understand what "**" means?"

Jiang Yuan is stunned, staring at his fresh face. "Doesn't the young maser ever want to be engaged?"

Like his eyes, Han Qilu smiles at her wryly. The golden sunlight comes through the window and falls on his hair, forming a beautiful halo. Even Jiang Yuan is captivated by it. She sees his lower lip move, and suddenly, the image in her head spoils. "Never underestimate a woman: this is what you taught me, mother."

Why is this so familiar?

The moment he walks out through the glass doors in the hall, Jiang Yuan suddenly remembers that he was quoting the hero of her novel. All of a sudden, the way she looks at her son changes. She always thought he was always good. She never paid attention to the little things. She didn't expect… .

Shaking her head, she clears her mind and resumes eating her breakfast. Her son! As it turns out, Qilu balances everything at once, but he ends up doing what he says he will do. Hmm, this breakfast is really good!

"Wow!" She takes a big bite of her sandwich.

On the other hand, An Chuxia doesn't say anything the moment Han Qilu enters the car. He just looks out the window and sighs in relief. He picks up the paper and reads it in the car. After reading the analysis, he shakes his head again. This is all nonsense!

Irritated, he throws the newspaper aside, and throws his arm around An Chuxia's shoulder. "Are you angry?"

She pushes him away without saying anything.

"Don't be upset. We won't be eating dog meat." Han Qilu reaches out and touches her face. His eyes are full of love. "I'll tell you some good news."

She remains silent, but her eyes flash. Why can he lose his temper but she can't? She ignores him.

He pouts helplessly as he looks at her. He ignores Lao Chen, who is smirking at his pain. He shifts in his seat.

He sighs in a dramatic fashion. "Since you don't want to know the good news, just pretend I didn't say anything about it."

How does that saying go? Ah, Curiosity killed the cat.

An Chuxia catches his gaze before staring out of the window. "What… what's the good news?"

"She speaks!" Han Qilu smiles before saying with a low voice. "The school decided to party tonight and start the wild adventure!"

"So?" Her face is stiff, and there's a temper in her tone. "How's this about me?"

"You should make it your business." Han Qilu's gaze stays on her face. "Because… because you care about me now."

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