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Image from Meraki archive CHAPTER 379 Force Myself

Han Qilu needs to stop teasing An Chuxia!!!!!!! I'm blushing just translating this.

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

霸王硬上弓- (bawangyingshanggong)- to force one's self/to rape

An Chuxia shakes the negative thoughts from her head, and walks up to the small house a few hundred meters away.

"Anyone home?" She cautiously calls out through the half-opened door. No one answers. Gathering her courage, she decides to push the door and walk in. As her slender fingertips are about to touch the stainless steel doorknob, a pair of large hands cover her eyes.

"Ah!" she screams and rocks her hard head backwards.

"Hey!" Han Qilu is caught unprepared. He falls to the ground, palms press against gravel, breaking skin and causing blood to seep on his hands. An Chuxia gasps when she realizes it's Han Qilu. Relieved and embarrassed, she attempts to help him on his feet.

"Sorry!" She spits out. "But what made you think it was okay to scare me from behind?"

His steely gaze is full of hate. "An Chuxia, ah, An Chuxia, you will be the cause of death for your husband."

An Chuxia doesn't dare say anything. When she sees his injured hands, she slowly helps him up and ushers him into the house to deal with his wounds.

"Are you personally tending to my injury?" He looks at her, staring at her dumpling-like hands, smiling.

"Of course! Otherwise, it'll be infected." An Chuxia is quite satisfied with her masterpiece. She wraps the gauze into a bow before making an OK sign with her hand.

He helplessly shakes his head.

After the small bloody commotion, they both return to where she was lying. An Chuxia deliberately steps on Han Qilu's shadow, and he suddenly stops. She smashes her nose against his back.

"Hey!" She extends her pointy finger and pokes him hard on the arm. "Why did you stop suddenly? You injured my poor nose!"

She raises her eyes to his just in time to see his burning gaze. For someone who can talk, she begins to stutter. "You, you… why are you staring at me?"

Watching her blush, a naughty smile spreads on his lips. "There's no one around us for miles. If I'd force myself on you, then… won't I succeed easily?"

"You… ." An Chuxia is suddenly anxious. She inhales before taking a step back. "Han Qilu, you are too calm!"

"Indeed, this young master is very calm." He raises his hand and points to his little brother. "But it doesn't seem to be calm. See, you're made it… impressively erect! You touched it when you fell asleep. Why are you acting like you don't have the power to make it rise?"


An Chuxia blushes red as a tomato. Confused, she clumsily says, "You… you're a rogue! I don't understand you!"

She turns as she says those words, but he hugs her from behind. His body is hot against her skin.

"I'm not that kind of person, you little fool." Han Qilu isn't wearing a shirt. The only thing he has on is a pair of Bermuda shorts, making him look tropical.

She glances at him. "You don't dare!"

He's noncommittal. He won't dare?

He laughs.

How can't he be daring? Being a man doesn't mean not having the guts. He just isn't willing to do that to her. He wants to ask her when it would be the best time, and the best place, and [right now] it's not here.

CHAPTER 380. Tension

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by greenapple

This afternoon can be described as being one event after another… .

Since she's a landlubber, she doesn't dare get close to the water. But that damned Han Qilu deliberately drags her into the water, and to the deep end, nonetheless. This scares her a lot.

For physical education in the third year, one has to choose between swimming and running. She chose running. She knew that if she learned to swim, it would be easier to get full score in PE. Alas, she's afraid of water.

Fearing for her life, she holds onto Han Qilu's waist, her legs wrapped around him as they have the waves carry them back to shore.

During that time frame, her fear subsided a bit because of his presence. She gradually opens her shut eyes as she feels herself float in the gentle waves. The rippling sea water laps gently against her skin, and the little fish licking her soles sends a strange sensation throughout her body.

Han Qilu revels in the joy on An Chuxia's face. But the feeling is short-lived when she slaps his face. He suddenly lets go of her hand.

"Ah!" She screams as a wave crashes against her and she takes is in a mouthful of seawater.

"Hey, I can't help it if my woman can't swim." He shakes his head and reaches out to pull her into his arms.

She coughs a few times, waiting for the water to drain from her nose, and to let the stinging feeling pass. Once she recovers, she smacks him again. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"Kill you?" Han Qilu says in cold disdain. "Woman, would it kill you to try and stand?"

Despite being angry, she follows his advice. She can stand in the water without taking in water.

"Hey!" An Chuxia snorts when Han Qilu takes a few steps away from her. She rushes towards him and shoves him down, causing him to fall into the water.

"Serves you right!" She says, laughing. Once the splash calms down, she realizes there's no sight of Han Qilu. She suddenly panics.

"Han Qilu?" she tentatively calls out. However, all she hears is the water hit the reef, no one responding to her.

What's going on? Could it be…? He obviously swims, and the water isn't deep enough to reach his chest. He must be playing with her!

"Hey- Han Qilu! If you don't come out, you're dead!" An Chuxia shuffles her feet where she stands, the water pulls her back into the water. She didn't dare swim. She gets tossed around, her nerves are starting to tighten.

"Han Qilu! Where are you? Don't scare me! If you don't surface, I'll ignore you, really ignore you!" Despite yelling like a madwoman at the sea, no one responds.

The sea and the sky meet at the horizon. The occasional seabird flies over her head, its call is heard over the waves. The sea breeze blows, and the waves dance.

"Han Qilu!!!" She is anxious as she lifts her feet from the water. However, she can't take a step. The sea is starting to reach her mouth, and shortly after that, the water reaches her nose.

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