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CHAPTER 377 You Can Blow

Warning: These 2 chapters are more of a PG nature. Sexual references and innuendo are referenced. Read at your own risk.

These are funny chapters, to be honest. So, enjoy!

Notes: Some people believe blowing on a cut/injury brings relief. In reality, this just introduces more bacteria.

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: *little/xiao Qilu or brother- penis

Han Qilu lets out a cry as he slams to the ground in pain, clutching on to his… xiao Qilu.

"You deserved that!" An Chuxia rolls her eyes at him. "Who gave you the permission to kiss me again? Whether or not you're having an affair with that fox, I just have to say I truly despise her. I don't need to know why you were smiling at her… I don't ever want to see her again! I swear, I am not jealous. I'm just possessive, understand?"

He doesn't respond. He just grabs his little Qilu and stares at her in agony. An Chuxia says nothing. This boy isn't playing with her, right? They've pranked each other once or twice… .

"Hey, is your little *brother rendered useless? I know I just kneed you… but are you that hurt?" she asks cautiously. He doesn't respond. His face is pale.

Her heart slams against her chest, and finally, she can't hold back. She covers his hand with hers. "Hey, are you okay? Do you need me to blow on it?"

She realizes the double entendre after the words roll out of her mouth. She needs to stop thinking such perverted thoughts. Her face distorts as she smacks her mouth. "I mean… do you need me to call an ambulance? How do you call one in the United States?"

She looks down at her phone as his face softens instantly. A bit of embarrassment flashes in his eyes. He reaches out and puts her hand against the juncture of his legs. "You can blow on it."

The north wind blows…

Are men this shameless? An Chuxia's face suddenly turns red as she retracts her hand and steps away. "You rogue!"

"You're calling me a rogue?" Han Qilu lifts his eyebrows and continues, "A man's brother is where he's the most vulnerable. You almost ruined your husband, and you'd have to fend for your own life! Dear, remember to change places with me if there's a next time."

Her face is now as red as an apple.

He is quite satisfied with his masterpiece. She wraps her arms around her as she takes few steps away from him. He reassures her. "We will return [to the party] in a little bit. We will go out and play afterwards, and we'll go back home tomorrow, okay?"

"Huh!" She snorts as she slaps his hand away and walks ahead of him.

His eyes change after she shoves his hand away. Should he ask her what she's doing with Nangong Zifei?

Through a headset, steward Han had informed Qilu that Chuxia left the premises with a Chinese crime syndicate baron named Nangong Zifei. Stewart Han reassured Qilu that nothing nefarious has come to her. Actually, their interaction is quite harmonious.

Since steward Han was afraid of being discovered, he didn't dare follow. Just tell Qilu, and let him pursue it. An Chuxia is safe.

Han Qilu continued to talk to people at the reception. Although he didn't have a moment to check up on her, his heart worried about her the whole time.

Qilu sighs. But had he pursued her, this wouldn't have happened.

Raise your foot, pick up your pace, and go to An Chuxia.

CHAPTER 378. Kidnapped?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

The reception ends around one o'clock, and An Chuxia decides not to wait for Han Qilu. Instead, she sits in the Bentley, eventually falling asleep. When Han Qilu gets in, he sees the sleeping pig and suddenly laughs out loud.

"Young master, what are you doing?" Steward Han rushes to Qilu's side.

"Take us to the nearest airport and get us to Miami," Han Qilu says after he glances at her sleeping form. Once he gets in the car, he can feel the softness and heat of her skin against his. He reaches for the cushion from her other side, and places it under her head. Steward Han can see the young master's gentle gaze on her. The butler suddenly gets goose bumps as his heart swells [with pride]. He quickly gets into the driver’s seat, and takes the opportunity to observe them… and take pictures!

Yes, pictures. Since arriving in the United States, Jiang Yuan has made a thousand calls, reminding him to take a photo of An Chuxia and Han Qilu. She wants to hang another photo of them in the corridor on the second floor!

After adjusting An Chuxia to a more comfortable position, Han Qilu catches the flash of light from steward Han's mobile phone. A smile breaks on his face as his eyes meets the butler's.

Poor steward Han is shaken; his phone slips from his hands.

"Steward Han." Han Qilu raises his eyebrow and says, "If you're taking a photo, make it brighter."

Steward Han is dumbfounded when Qilu leans over and kisses An Chuxia on the lips as he presses down on the camera button on his mobile device. Then, Qilu tosses his phone to steward Han. "Take my phone and send the photo to my mom."

"You… ." Steward Han is wrong again. "How do you know?"

"How do I know? There's only one person in this whole world who would try to get a photo of her son and daughter-in-law when they're halfway around the world, and that is Jiang Yuan." Then, he closes his eyes and rests.

Two hours later, An Chuxia's eyes open to blue skies. She shuts her eyes again.

What happened? Why is she seeing blue skies when she opened her eyes? Is there something wrong with her vision? Or… is it a dream? As she thinks things through, she reaches out and rubs her eyes.


Then she pries her eyes open to see the blue hue. This time, she looks around and realizes she's lying, alone, in a deserted beach. But what's notable is that her lavender strapless dress has since been replaced with a leopard-print bikini!

"F**k you!!!" She stands up quickly, realizing her feet are bare. Fortunately, the warm sand under her feet isn't uncomfortable.

She looks around again to realize she's alone. There are a pair of lounge chairs close to each other, with a huge sun umbrella between them. And on the table are fruits meant to be eaten.

She looks at the half-drunk orange juice. She frowns as her memories start coming back.

Before leaving the Nuowei's, she sat in the car and fell asleep. Then… she wakes up… here.

It can't be… Maybe she didn't get into steward Han's car, but got kidnapped instead?

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