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Image courtesy of Meraki Archive CHAPTER 375. Zifei, It's Not Quite Yes or No

Continuation of a prolonged filler… And trust us, your MDDKM team is frustrated at our hero and heroine. Agh!

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

After being startled, Nangong Zifei pulls out his wallet from his pocket. "How much do you want?"

Jiao Daihu looks left and right, not finding an opportunity to interject. He's relegated to watching on the sidelines like the bodyguards are doing. This is the first time a woman has been brought home by the firstborn… Everyone's eyes are shining with excitement.

It's only after taking the money do her eyes shine brightly. But why doesn't this seem like it's right? But… she feels right. Money IS king! She only takes what's owed to her, and returns the rest of the money to Zifei.

"You don't want it?"

An Chuxia shakes her head. "That's too much. I'm a principled person!" After that, she takes out her mobile device to look at the screen. It is only then she remembers that she powered off her device since she didn't want to answer her phone. Shit.

"It's not that much. You saved my life. For that, I'm repaying you. That's my principle." When he says this, she looks at him with a direct gaze. She's embarrassed.

"In the end, you're a good person." She clenches her mobile phone and smiles at him. "Would you be able to send me back to China?"

"… Okay." He's indeed a gentleman. He doesn't ask why, and instead, agrees to send her back to China. As she watches his pupils darken, why does she feel he carries a load in his heart?

He looks … very distressed.

She tiptoes and and reaches out for his cheek as she stares into his eyes. "Why are you so lonely?"

His heart tightens. Then, he reaches out and grasps her wrist. "An Chuxia… ."

"Ah… sorry!" An Chuxia apologetically hollers. "I suddenly felt like it." She doesn't know why she reacted so suddenly. Now that she thinks about it, what she did is shameful.

Sure enough, everyone is watching her, and Jiao Daihu's eyes even widens.

"It doesn't matter." Nangong Zifei doesn't loosen his grip on her despite regaining his disposition. "Aren't you leaving?"

Finally, she glances back at the parked cars. Her eyes briefly close. "I think… I have to go back." She's referring to the Nuowei residence. He nods and instructs his men to prepare a car.

"You're leaving, sister-in-law?" Jiao Daihu finally intervenes as he escorts her to the car. He's making too much of a ruckus for nothing.

"I'm not your sister-in-law," she says. "It's all a misunderstanding."

"But… ."

"Go back." Nangong Zifei interrupts Jiao Daihu. So, although he is reluctant, he doesn't have the courage to keep talking. He can't decipher the boss' expression. It's one he hasn't seen before.

He walks back but he looks at his sister-in-law and the boss sitting at the back of the Audi as it takes off. A bodyguard approaches Daihu and asks, "Jiao ge, who is that woman? What's her relationship with our boss?"

"Leave!" Jiao Daihu says in disgust. "When do you have time for gossip? Why should I be your source?"

The bodyguards shrug helplessly before going back to their work.

CHAPTER 376. Calmed Down, My Vinegar Jar?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

TN: 醋罐子 (cutanzi)- (lit) vinegar jar; (fig) person of a jealous nature

After he sends An Chuxia away, Nangong Zifei doesn't walk away immediately. Instead, he sits in one of the cars and looks at the other car as it disappears around the corner.

Zifei, are you lonely?

An Chuxia's crisp voice still lingers in his ear. He closes his eyes, and a smile gradually stretches on his lips.

He's never felt lonely before, but at this moment, he feels very lonely. We'll meet again, An Chuxia.

"Let's go." As soon as he gives the instruction, the car speeds away.

At the wedding reception, Han Qilu is conversing with a middle-aged man. He doesn't know where Mankuai went, but his eyes finally land on An Chuxia. Qilu looks at the middle-aged man and apologizes. "I'm sorry, Mr. Robt, but I have to take care of something first."

"Go ahead." The elder gentleman turns and talks to another guest.

Han Qilu strides to An Chuxia. Without saying a word, he pulls her to a place where it's less crowded. He pushes her up against a wall.

"Where did you go?" He gives her an opening, his eyes are bright with anger.

"Restroom." Her tone is ambiguous. She tries to leave, but he grasps her wrist instead.

"Why were you in there for so long?" He tips his nose. His voice remains cold. "Why did you hang up on me when you were in there?"

An Chuxia's anger suddenly flares again. "I know that I was in the restroom for a while, but did I have to see you flirting with her? Now that Mankuai has left, you realized I've been missing, and only then did you go searching for me?"

The fire in his eyes light up again. "You saw us?"

"Hooo!" she sneers and pushes him away. This asshole doesn't move, and instead, flashes her a smile. The anger in his eyes suddenly disappear, and this angers her even more. She pushes harder, but he still remains motionless.

She attempts to push him away until she's tired. With her back against the wall, panting, he finds her rather cute.

Han Qilu takes a step to close the gap. With one hand on her shoulder, and the other on the back of her head, he tilts his head to kiss her. His kiss is filled with a bit of revenge, a trace of overbearing, and a bit of confusion.

She wants to refuse his advances, but is shocked by the power of his kiss. When did his kissing technique reach such great heights? Her cheeks went from pink to rosy, She can't help but want to nibble him.

Finally, he lets her go. An Chuxia holds on to his shoulders since her knees have gone weak and are unable to support her.

"Don't you dare hang up on me again. This is your only warning." He says this as a threat. He tightens his grasp on her waist. "I was standing next to her but I was actually engaged in conversation with her escort. We are currently in negotiations. If you thought I was flirting with her, then you can't be farther from the truth. I promise you, I was doing nothing than placating them by laughing at their jokes. Have you calmed down, my vinegar jar?"

Calmed down? Did he just call me a jealous person? Did he think kissing her would calm her down???

After a few seconds, she inhales and raises her knee… .

"Well… ."

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