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Image from the Meraki Archives CHAPTER 373. Six Big Audis

I’d hate to call these chapter filler eps since they’re going to play a bigger role later in the story but nonetheless… Enjoy!

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

As soon as she reaches the gate, someone approaches. "Miss Chuxia, this way, please."

She looks up at the tall, rugged man, and suddenly becomes afraid. She scolds herself for being so rash, casually agreeing to meet someone she doesn't really know after a phone call. What if they kidnap her?

Seeing An Chuxia has no intention of joining him, the man steps forward. "Miss Chuxia, my master says that if you don't meet with him, he won't be able to transfer money to your card."

This is akin to saying she didn't dare see him. An Chuxia bites her lip as she frowns. "I can't say no. Lead the way."

The man takes her to a relatively secluded place. Just as she starts feeling her scalp tingle, they turn a corner. Six black Audis suddenly appear before them.

"Miss Chuxia, I've not seen you in a while." The man gets out of the second Olympic A6. His voice is fascinatingly low and cold. His green hair dazzles extraordinarily under the sun.

Usually, people who dye their hair green give the impression that they're troublesome, but he exudes arrogance and cynicism. Ironically, he also gives off vibes of calmness and restraint. Definitely, the green hair suits him.

She stops staring, and says, "Hello, hello. The ancient spirits looked upon you these last three days. You borrow money from me so you can take a cab ride, which in return allows you to have a line of Audis. Not bad!"

Her compliment is sincere. Since he can afford a fleet of Audis, why didn't he change his attire? Light blue shirt with a white collar and dark trousers. He looks good, but the point is, isn't this the outfit she purchased for him? He can afford to buy better clothes.

"This… ." He smirks. "I haven't introduced myself. I am Nangong Zifei. And this car isn't loaned. In short, I am grateful that you helped me that day. I wasn't sure if you wanted cash, or if you wanted me to deposit the money in your account."

As he spoke of her account, An Chuxia suddenly remembers. "I remember you losing that note. How did you find me?"

Nangong Zifei breezily looks at her. "I'm born with photographic memory. I don't need notes."

An Chuxia realizes that Nangong Zifei may not have good memory. He can rely on his men to provide him with her information.

An Chuxia's unique ringtone vibrates. Sh realizes that lately, her phone has been ringing frequently. She smiles apologetically before looking at her mobile phone. The call is coming from Han Qilu. Her face immediately changes. Her eyes close for a couple of seconds before she powers off her phone. She looks up at Nangong Zifei's frowning face. "Let's go to your house to retrieve the cash."

Although he looks aloof, he isn't shocked. "Get in the car."

Once seated in the car, she wants to ask Nangong Zifei about that day but he has no patience to answer. All she can tell is that there were many people after him. After he hit that person, he escaped. Since he can't contact his own men, he ended up borrowing money from her to take a cab. However, he expected her to run away when she saw his bloodied face. Instead, she bought him clothes.

To express his gratitude, he wore the special outfit for her.

CHAPTER 374 Sister-In-Law! Are You Blind?

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

"To tell you the truth, I thought you were lying to me." An Chuxia smiles slyly, but Nangong Zifei didn't return her smile. "Miss Chuxia, I'm not the type who lies."

Of course, Nangong Zifei isn't that type of person. An Chuxia takes this seriously. Liars aren't this handsome… nor do they talk this well. This is something she isn't accustomed to.

"Definitely, you're not that kind of person. You… you can just call me Chuxia. How about I call you Zifei?" She smiles harmlessly.

When her voice falls, An Chuxia sees the tall man who escorted her earlier shudder from the passenger seat of the car. Did she say something wrong?

Nangong Zifei faintly smiles. "Good, Chuxia."'

From her periphery, she sees the bodyguard shake off the seatbelt and leave. She's puzzled, but she doesn't ask if they're supposed to exit the car. Instead, she looks at Nangong Zifei without saying anything.

Naturally, she doesn't know who he is. He's the heir of one of the primary Chinese organized syndicates in the United States. He is bloodthirsty, cold, and vicious. He's never shown calmness, nor has he ever laughed. Although he faintly smiles, the action is quite unprecedented for the likes of him.

As soon as she exits the car, she sees a long, red carpet.

"Is this your home?" An Chuxia looks at Nangong Zifei with surprise. When they were in the car, he told her that he worked in the family business. She can tell they're an extremely rich family.

She should definitely extract the money he owes her. She may be a good person, but twenty yuan is still owed to her by this handsome fellow.

"It's… my friend’s home." Nangong Zifei doesn't want her to know who he is. He hopes that she'd see him as an ordinary businessman.

"Boss!" someone shouts. An Chuxia follows the sound, and sees a slightly pudgy man. He's not that old that he'd give her the creeps, instead, his chubbiness renders him cute.

"Yeah," Nangong Zifei responds faintly. His facial expression doesn't change. The fat man looks at An Chuxia in amazement.

"Hello." Since he is staring straight at her, she can't stand still. "My name is An Chuxia. I'm happy to meet your acquaintance."

The fat man screams, then tugs An Chuxia's wrist in excitement. "What's your relationship with our boss? Are you my sister-in-law? Sister-in-law it is! My name is Jiao Daihu."

Filled with black lines. An Chuxia raises her eyebrows. She just wants the fat man to let go of her hand. Nangong Zifei seizes Jiao Daihu's hand. "You're hurting her."

"Ah, ah, sorry." Jiao Daihu apologetically smiles before looking at Nangong Zifei. "Boss, can you be more careful with… ."

What is he trying to say?

An Chuxia hurriedly explains. "It's not what you think. Your boss just owes me money."

After hearing her, Daihu calms his suspicion and says, "Okay, I'll pay you back."

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