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CHAPTER 371. She is My Future Wife

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Rant: I hate it when stories make it seem like everyone is within driving distance. Later in the story, our heroine is asked where she’s in the US. It just so happens the caller is in the same area? Really? Anywhoo… suspend reality, readers. It’ll make your head hurt less.

[=.= (author) I don't want to go to Baidu English translation to translate the conversation between them, so the English dialogue is ignored==]

"Young master Han! It's nice to see you at our children's wedding reception. You honor me."

An Chuxia follows the sound of the voice and looks past the bodies. A man in his early 50s stands beside Han Qilu and smiles at him.

Unconsciously, An Chuxia becomes reliant on Han Qilu. He happens to be squeezing her hand as he looks arrogantly at Mr. Nuowei.

"You are too polite. I'm sorry for missing the nuptials at the cathedral yesterday. If I were unable to come today, wouldn’t I be less credible?"

Both men smile at each other, but An Chuxia looks at them, their eyes are far from smiling. They aren't friends, but they share the same interests. When "interests" are the premise of a union, they can say anything. Even their smile can be prefabricated.

"So, who is this?" Nuowei looks at An Chuxia. He stares at her doubtfully.

Didn't the media say young master Han and the popular starlet are in an ambiguous relationship? Why did he arrive with another partner? He thought Han Qilu was bringing Xiang Mankuai, but he didn't expect this.

Noting the way Nuowei stared at An Chuxia, Han Qilu clenches her hand and puts his hand on her smooth shoulder. "She… is my future wife."

Thump thump thump. An Chuxia can hear the sound of her heartbeat.

"Ah… so she is the one!" Nuowei is now embarrassed that he thought Han Qilu was in a relationship with Mankuai, but the words he spoke sent chills down An Chuxia's spine. Then, he leads them to the garden, where wedding reception is being held.

To call it a garden is an understatement. An Chuxia looks and sees a hole in the ground, and has a small red flag in it… Like they're in a game of golf!

After congratulating the married couple, it's time to escape. This party is really boring… not because it's not fun, but because… despite doing well in her English exams, her proficiency in communicating in English isn't as good. Compared to Han Qilu, she's inferior.

So when Han Qilu mingles and talks to some prestigious people, An Chuxia excuses herself to go to the powder room. As soon as she gets directions from the waiter, she turns and leaves.

Since she has make-up on, she dare not wash her face to stay awake. She doesn't want to ruin the painted surface. She's not good enough to retouch the makeup herself.

However, she can feel sleep coming for her, and it can't be stopped. Maybe it's because she's not quite adjusted to the time difference, but as soon as she sits on the toilet, she immediately falls asleep!

After half an hour, her phone suddenly rings.

An Chuxia suddenly awakens, and looks at the time. The display on her phone shows a strange number… not one with a Chinese country code.

This is definitely not a Chinese number. How can the number start with a 206?

She hesitates before getting up from the toilet before answering the call. "Hello?" [Who could this be?]

CHAPTER 372. The Devil is Angry

Translated by newbienoona

Edited and proofread by anks

Once the person on the other end hears her greeting, he hangs up.

An Chuxia stares at her mobile when she hears the busy tone. It's nothing but a phone prank. Her hand is on the door handle of the bathroom stall when she hears conversation on the other side.

"What's Xiang Mankuai and young master Qilu's relationship?"

"Right? If you're a couple, why would you bring another date? It seems she left halfway. No one knows where she went."

"She probably knows Mankuai is arriving, so she left. Although his date is pretty, how can she compare to that big starlet?"

"Oh man, there's no comparison."

The conversation doesn't last long. Once the water from the faucet stops running, and the clicking of high heels disappear, her facial expression changes, her self-deprecating smile is painted on her face.

Yes, men are the least reliable. Just like her biological father who now is righteous… unreliable!

Despite these agitating thoughts, she opens the door and walks out of the bathroom and onto the crowded garden. And through the throngs of people, she sees Han Qilu smile at something Mankuai says. The man with the big belly next to them is talking. She doesn't know what they're saying, but she can tell from their expression they're very happy.

She has been in the bathroom for so long, Han Qilu isn't in a hurry to leave. How naive of her to think he missed her.

Then, she hears her ringtone again, she answers her phone without looking at it.

"Is this Miss Xia?" The voice sounds familiar, but she can't place it.

Her eyes fall on Han Qilu as she replies on the phone. "This is she. Who's this?"

There is a pause before the conversation continues. "Remember one afternoon, you helped a person with blood on his face, and you loaned him twenty yuan?"

As soon as the conversation becomes about money, her memory is jogged.

That was the afternoon Ling Hanyu kicked her out because of the words she said, so she walked to the park, and eventually, encountered the bloodied person… .

She, indeed, remembers! That person owes her more than that! Of course she can't forget that much money.=.= Moreover, this person threw away the IOU note she wrote with her contact information!

"Are you… are you in the United States?" She looks at her phone screen and is surprised. Can twenty yuan actually get you to the United States? That's some power!


She hears him say, "Are you in the US? Would you have time to meet?"

"I… ." She wants to say she doesn't have the time, but once she sees Mankuai reach for a glass of wine and smile at Han Qilu, she turns and leaves. "I have time. Where are you? I'm at Mr. Nuewei's house."

The devil (in Chuxia) is awakened, and for that reason, An Chuxia leaves in anger. She doesn't even think about hanging up on the man whom she's told she's at the Nuewei's residence, nor how she is leaving this house. Although many look at her strangely, no one stops her. She walks toward the front door.

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